The story of Antik Krulikowski's downfall: from the threat of "J*BANYM PSOM" to the creation of the path in the Vega films

Antik Krulikowski Lately, he has outdone himself in the scope of mishaps and embarrassment that one person can do. When leaving a pregnant woman Joanna Obozda And the He made meatballs with Tinder’s bodyguard, it was known to be a bug. When he bragged about the illness with Putin and Zelensky, it turns out it was worse than we thought.

But what happened Antique Before he became the father of the year? You may not remember, but he called out the names of the policemen, He threatened them that “his parrot will kill them.”Organized events that ended, for at least one person, with a hospital stay. Remembering how Antik presented himself from the very beginning of his career in the show business, “I Won’t Talk to the Guy” Krulikovsky.

Antik, let us ask you: Who is the poor here?

family acting

Antik has always emphasized how proud he is of the fact that he was born into a working family. The Królikowski clan was happy to appear together on the walls, a Małgorzata Ostrowska-Królikowska She passionately talked about her eldest son in the media. Antik started his career at the age of fifteen and he always denied that he was doing it secretly from his parents… Of course, there were also rumors about something completely different – It was believed that Anthony’s “profession” was supported by his parents and a well-known nameBecause in the end someone had to “extend” this influential clan.

“Amant” or “Minil”?

At the beginning of his career, Antik was given episodic roles – he played, among other things, in the leading television series “Czas Honoru” that launched the fashion of national productions. Attempts were made to portray him as lovers – he played, among other things, in “Dywizjonie 303”, which turned out to be unsuccessful, and later in the series “Bodo”. This was his last role in Emploi amanta, because no one can somehow forget how Antek acted outside the set of the movie. He himself had a high opinion of himself: Krulikowski: “I hope not to shame my father”

Antik praised him as a “Boom Actor”

Until today, Antek’s most famous show is 2011, When he defied the police who arrested him after he sparked a fight over Krucha in Warsaw.. Then Anthony partnered with actor Michał L. (former “Lokatorów” star) and Jakub W. (Chef in the series “Hotel 52”). When a patrol stopped them, a package containing a mysterious substance fell from Jacob W’s pocket, and a respirator check showed Antiques had 1.9 per thousand in his blood. Królikowski of these feelings Then he shouted to the cops that they were “naughty dogs” and “sh* unclean” and “his parrot will eat them”.. As far as we know, the cops still lived in peace and were not eaten by a parrot or a lawyer.

Warming up a photo with Szymon Majewski

Soon after the Hungry Parrot affair, Antik came up with the idea that he would heat up the photo on “Szymon Majewski Show”. If you don’t remember: SMS was by definition a satirical program based on the model of late American shows, in which celebrities were invited to show that they had a distance between each other. What did your antique show in the vision? Well, mumbling said he would like to forget the joke at Krucza: “It happened, yes, there is nothing to hide here, I would like it to stop as soon as possible, but this performance probably won’t help me with that, maybe I’ll have to bear some consequences, and that’s it”. In fact, “it happened and that’s it”…?

Celebrate with Alan Anders

The worst in Antique’s life is yet to come. Less than a year after the scandal with the policemen, Krulikovsky organized his 23rd birthday. The sound was so loud that there was a struggle between them, a Alan Anders fell from the bottom of the stairs and hit fate in the head. He was only 24 years old and was a bedridden ghost for the rest of his life. Apparently, Antik was so obsessed with him that he took care of him during his rehab. Well, as you can see years later, Alan cut himself off from Antek and was pretty good at it. Today you criticize him for what he did.

Relationships with parents

Fortunately, Królikowski could always count on the support of his parents, especially Małgorzata Ostrowska-Królikowska. Today, he stands behind him and takes water in the mouth, but it is worth remembering that this was not always the case. Years ago, she said in an interview with the weekly “Na Żywo” that she made some parenting mistakes because she assumed she would be her son’s best friend. Even as he shaved his head, she was delighted. Antik responded in the media with interviews that he had already smoked marijuana as a teenager, and apparently his parents didn’t mind.

Antique describes Jacia Milla

Perhaps no one remembers this, but fortunately the Pudelek archive is very capacious. In 2014, Antek decided to comment on the new version of “Dancing with the Stars” and the fact that JASIA MILLA. “As you know, there are now physical shortcomings of fashion in various entertainment programs, but everything we have is complete” Then he said about him. Then it was reported that he apologized, but the aversion remained. It should be noted that Antek appeared in TzG … six months before Mela.

Antiques and relationships with women

Before Antik Krulikowski got involved with Julia Winyawa, he would bring to the walls every girl who stayed with him for a very short time. Antik appeared at events with, among other things, Kasia Sawczuk, Laura Breszka, Kasia Dąbrowska, and Samuela Górska With a “Top Model”, this is only documented by paparazzi reports. Interestingly, Joanna Jarmowiczhis temporary girlfriend (that’s what Antik talked about years later), then became engaged to Antik’s younger brother, Ignasi Krulikowski And now they have a child with them.

Let’s recall Julia Winyawa’s statement:

Antique and detox

When Antik broke up with Julia Winyawa, he went on vacation to Bali. He then announced that he was going to do a detox there, shut down social media and come back as a new person. It lasted for a week and came back just as it left.

Relationship with Joanna Obozda

Well, here we can not help but write: it is a pity to talk.

The matter in the conference

Bad luck wanted the world to know about Antek’s betrayal, just when TVN was preparing for the premiere of a new program with his participation. The actress who stuck to the right contract had to appear at a press conference where everyone knows it He had just left the mother of his newborn baby for his younger neighbour. When Pudelka’s reporter confronted him with this information, Królikowski was enraged, challenging the journalist to “chicks”. A professional deserves to be a proud member of a family of acting.

The Renaissance of the “Profession” with Patrick Vega

Antek would most likely still get episodic roles had it not been for Patrick Vega, who made him the star of his sick world. Antik made his debut in “The Loop”, then played in “Polityka”, and finally got a role in a movie whose title fits perfectly – we are talking about “Bad boy”. Bad boy Antik openly admires Vega, poses with a pimple Dagmara Kaźmierska, and on the set plays ambitious scenes such as sniffing cocaine, engaging in oral sex (again and again), being a “Polish Gray” and the head football fan. Evaluate whether he succeeded in these “creations” authentically …

Illness with doubles

Antik’s latest show is the culmination of his “career” achievements. Krulikowski explains it now The conflict between Putin and Zelensky systems to assist refugees. I wonder when someone will help him himself. The question is, isn’t it too late…

Report his account to IG

Parental rights taken away from him!

Królikowski is the bottom, but his “celebrity-friends” are of the same kind. Instead of calling and writing in private, one will outperform the other in who will add a “smarter” comment to be quoted in the box. They have found Rabbit’s profile as a platform to promote themselves because they have seen how many clicks his posts have gotten and they want to increase their reach. Celebrity friendships.

Psitek, are you still high on Antek?

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Some kind of collaboration with Ibn Zinke was a worthy culmination of this profession.

Watch out for the poodle because now he has a parrot from the cage next door. 🤣

The second blue son, like Martyniuk, suits the shredder

Joker!!!! He didn’t grow up to be a father and husband….second Danielle M…maybe a family? !!! Very similar behaviour!!!


3 min. since

It has been a long journey, but how fruitful it has been

Antique, think of it all, you are not a write-off for everyone, I am your watcher and I believe in you and you will change, I am sorry to look at your celebrity friends who do not leave a dry thread instead of calling or meeting and talking. Remember that these are lessons and then you will know who will stay with you. I have also made many mistakes, but I did not get a chance from my friends to fix it, it is difficult because from one swamp another man enters because he wants to prove to the whole world that they were wrong and that everything is fine with us. To the point where you don’t feel like doing anything else. All that’s left is frustration, alcohol and more and more stupid things.

Anthony must have forgotten to take his medicine

And what about “Stop Hejt” when you need it most? If what you’re doing isn’t hate or hate, I don’t know what is.

The Three Musketeers Daniel, Anthony and Jacob.

Stop bothering with this guy because he’s slowly getting boring and tasteless. Did you take money for any promotion to increase its scope?

… The mummy “Grażynka” earns a lot from Kurski and will pay everything for her son.

Grażynka is a book example about a “mother” who thinks her son is the smartest in the world, but finds only…bad girls.

He even hacks Zinke Martiniuk’s son!

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