Al Suwaidi reveals the big secret of the “foster family.”  “It's about time”

The series “Foster Family” was broadcast on Polsat in 1999-2009. The production revolves around the Kwiatkowski family and the group children: Born and adopted. The main roles were played by such stars as Gabriela Kwonacka, Piotr Wronczewski, Joanna Trzebiescinska, Jaroslaw Boberic, Hanna Leszczyńska and Marela Rudovic. The series opened the door to the career of the youngest members of the team, including: Alexandra Zwed, who played Eliza. A few days ago, she told us a secret about the production.

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Learn about the scenes of the series “The Foster Family”

Behind the scenes of the series “The Foster Family”. It's about… the apron

An important member of the Kwiatkowski family was also a charming Bordeaux Great Dane, named Śliniak. This is what the story of Alexandra Zwed is connected with. The artist shared it with us behind the scenes of the program “Your Face Looks Familiar,” where she appears again after many years. How does Seleniak remember? – Which one is the question? Sorry, I may be selling a production secret here, but after so many years, it's time. Over the 10 years that “Foster Family” has been on the air, at least eight of them have appeared on set. “She didn’t expect this,” Alexandra Zwed told Plotek.

Of course, the apron that I love the most and that I always remember is the wonderful Helenka. That is, the first apron that you remember from the episodes of the first two years. This was a dog that could play anything. We were completely blown away by it. We endured with angelic patience, the children who always wanted to pet her, touch her and hold her. I was delighted by the calmness of this dog and the fact that he was able to obey every command with the touch of his fingers

– said Eliza from the series. By the way, she revealed what happened when she left. Producing was a difficult business at the time. – Hela was a wonderful acting dog. It was difficult to replace them later. At one point, there was a situation – because the dogs were in training and didn't know everything yet – the trainer came to the set with four dogs. One of them acted out a scene on the couch, the second barked, the third ate from a bowl, and the fourth walked up the stairs. This is what happened – she told us.

Apron from “The Foster Family.” “Foster Family” screen / Polsat Box Go

What about the second part of “The Foster Family”?

Will we see new episodes of “Foster Family” after many years? This theme returns like a mutation to Majka in the series, played by Monika Mrozowska. The actress believes that after the death of Gabriella Konaka, continuing the series without her no longer makes sense. -I'm often asked if I like it and if it's cool. It seems to me that without this special character, the rest of the cast would not support this series. I think the production also had a sense that without this main character, without the mother, it couldn't work. There are people who cannot be replaced and Ms. Gabrielsia was one of them – she said in an interview with Gastrzeb Post.

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