$575 for FEQ passes: Resellers line their pockets

The day after passes for the Quebec Summer Festival (FEQ) went on sale, many resellers took to social networks to express their displeasure, capitalizing on the huge interest in the event and offering tickets at double the price.

On Wednesday it took only two hours for all the passes to go through. However, despite the authorized limit being four, many people managed to get more than a dozen using a loophole in the system.

A reseller interviewed by QUB Radio admitted he had managed to get 19 over the two sales periods, although he admitted he had more difficulty getting hold of the prized tickets this year.

$100 per day per pass

The latter already has bookings and booking deposits for some shows. He expects to earn an average of $100 per pass for shows on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Other musical evenings are $80.

And he's far from the only one. Newspaper Thursday exchanged with many resellers, especially on Facebook, passes of up to $400, starting at $150.

Facebook screenshot

“Yes, I sell them at a higher price. I'm not entirely comfortable with that. But at the same time, my boyfriend was right. We give so much time and money in our lives…and honestly…this one time, we deserve to earn some money. No one died,” said a reseller.

“It's sad to say. Yes, I contribute to it, but if I don't make money, it will inevitably be someone else,” he added.

Rent is more profitable

While many people use this to resell their passes at higher prices, other sly foxes want to pocket even more cash back in the rental.

In most cases, access to a program costs between $75 and $150. For the entire festival, resellers can make more than $1,000 on a single pass, while the majority rent more than one at a time.

$575 for FEQ passes: Resellers line their pockets

Facebook screenshot

However, this requires a lot of logistics as a deposit of usually $100 to $200 is required to ensure smooth operation of the exchange.

“I could rent it out for a lot more for the evening, but I don't want to be bothered,” explains one man. magazine.

Not great on resale sites

Major resale sites also offer a large number of tickets, all at prices well above the initial acquisition cost.

On billet.ca, passes for the entire duration of the festival range from $395 to $575. Some acts like Post Malone and Motley Crue are also very desirable, so it's impossible to get away with less than $185.

The same observation applies to the Stubb resale platform, where there are no general admission tickets below the $400 mark.

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