Russia: threw the TV into the street.  The package fell on a passing woman

Allegedly, a resident of Dzerzhinsk threw the TV out the window after a quarrel with his wife. Unfortunately, the device fell on a passing woman, who was taken to the hospital.

The accident occurred on April 17 in Dzerzhinsk, Russia. According to unofficial information, the man had a fight with his wife. During the exchange, he threw the TV out the window on the first floor. The incident was captured by a dash cam of a passing vehicle.

The TV fell on my head 53-year-old womanwho was just passing by the block. The video shows him falling to the ground. Bystanders called an ambulance, which took the victim to hospital.

The hospital administration said that the woman needs to be hospitalized, She had a concussion and bruises – reports “Nizhnogorodskaya Pravda”. Doctors described the condition of the 53-year-old girl as moderate.

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The case was investigated by the police to find out the circumstances of the accident. The identity of the perpetrator has not been revealed.


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