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The obligation to collect packages of milk and dairy products under the deposit system will be postponed to 2026, according to the draft law on the operation of the deposit system published on Tuesday. Representatives of the beverage industry and trade had previously appealed for containers of milk and milk drinks to be excluded from the deposit system. In their opinion, collecting such packages could lead to “treating yourself with a biological bomb.”

On Tuesday, a draft amendment to the Packaging Waste Management Act was published on the website of the Government Legislation Center (RCL). It refers to the working of the deposit system. The Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment, Anita Soyska, announced the preparation of the project in advance.

Postponing the entry into force of the regulation

The new regulations include, among other things, postponing the obligation to collect containers of milk and dairy products until 2026. This was announced earlier in an interview with the business editorial team of, Deputy Minister Anita Soyska.

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Representatives of the beverage industry and trade had previously asked the government to exclude milk containers and milk drinks from the deposit system. In their opinion, collecting such containers could lead to “treating yourself with a biological bomb.”

Deposit system for beverage packagingDoor/ Matthews Krymski

Deposit system in Poland

Poland's deposit system is scheduled to start operating in 2025. It will include plastic, metal and glass containers. For single-use plastic beverage bottles with a capacity of up to three liters and metal cans with a capacity of up to one litre, the deposit will be 50 cents. Its goal is to reduce the amount of mixed municipal waste collected by municipalities and increase the level of recycling.

Large stores with an area of ​​more than 200 square meters will have to collect empty packaging and return the deposit, while smaller stores will be able to join the scheme voluntarily, although they will also collect the deposit. Unclaimed deposits will be used to fund the deposit system.

The deposit aims to encourage the return of packaging and increase the amount of reused and processed raw materials used to produce the packaging.

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