November 11 - Transfers.  It is better to plan for timely payments in advance - a letter from KIR

Payment must be made in time before November 11th. The National Clearing House (KIR) reported that the Elixir settlement system, which handles interbank transfers in the PLN, will stop operating on National Independence Day.

Elixir is an electronic interbank clearing system operated by the National Clearing House. It is used to carry out most of the transactions requested by customers of banks in Poland.

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Transfers during the long weekend

The settlement and settlement of the required transactions in the system (remittances and direct debits) takes place during three clearing sessions, from Monday to Friday, 9:30 am, 1:30 pm, 4:00 pm, excluding public holidays.

Transfers that will be requested on Wednesday, November 10 after 4:00 pm, will go to the recipient’s accounts on Friday, November 12, informing KIR.

Euro Elixir

The Euro Elixir system, in which domestic and cross-border euro transfers are settled, will operate on the usual schedule on November 11. As with every business day, KIR will conduct 6 clearing sessions on that day.

elixir elixir

“Timely payments are worth planning and ordering in advance or using instant transfers in the Express Elixir system, which is also available to bank customers on public holidays” – KIR wrote in a statement.

Express Elixir operates continuously – 24/7/365, that is, also on weekends and holidays. Whether and to what extent the bank offers this service can be checked at

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