A flood of comments after an interview with the company’s president.  “A complete misunderstanding of the prose of life.”

“Business Class” Money.pl is a new program available on YouTube. Editorial Director Lukas Kijek talks with the heads of the largest companies – About their lives, businesses, profits and many other matters. The guest of the fourth episode was Maciej Banek, founder of the largest car sharing company in our region of Europe.

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The interviewer, Lukas Kijek, pointed out that employees often do not communicate their desire to leave because they use the time between making the decision to leave and informing the employer to find a new job. When asked if he thought this was unfair, Panek replied: “Yes.”

As the businessman stated, when an employee is looking for a job, “he no longer works with the same motivation as when he was hired.” – In the beginning, when people come to work, they promise a lot. Later, when their motivation decreases – I’m talking about those whose motivation decreases – they don’t talk about it. They don’t say anything because they probably feel bad about it themselves? Because if they are not given what they are accustomed to, “Then maybe their wages should be reduced,” Maciej Banek said.

A torrent of comments

The surprise resulting from the lack of communication about the intention to leave the job sparked a stream of comments Whether under materials published on our website or on social media. A piece of conversation related to this particular issue received more than 170 comments on the X website in the afternoon.

“If you do not create an atmosphere of trust in the company, do not be surprised that employees do not talk to you.” – Comments from a user. Another commenter says: “Let me give you a hint: An employee will say something collectively if he’s in a union; alone, he’s afraid of getting fired and won’t say anything.”

Another notes that in most cases, the conversation with the employer, which begins with the words that you do not like something, ends with the words: “Then quit.” “These are the rules of corporate management in Poland,” he adds. “By knowing this rule, employees skip the unnecessary introduction and immediately say that they came to say goodbye.”

“I asked for a raise from my previous employer and they asked me to write in bullet points why I thought I deserved it. I did that and I still didn’t get it. I started looking for a job and found a job that I got. More,” we read in the next entry.

“This is how it ends”

Maciej Panek’s statement was also met with reactions from LinkedIn users. “To tell you the truth, I was a little embarrassed by this gentleman’s statement. As if he was timidly offended by his employees – looking for better solutions, because when they come to talk about it, their days will probably be numbered, or their position in the company will decline significantly – we read in one of the comments.

“If a company is only apparently open to feedback, that’s the way it ends. “No one wants to make things difficult for themselves, so if they get to the point where they would rather change their job, it’s a clear signal to the company that something is wrong,” says one reader.

“If he doesn’t deal with the problem, it means he doesn’t feel up to it. He’ll almost certainly be looking for a job while he’s at it, because the absolute majority of people who work full-time can’t take a break from work.” Earn a living,” commented another user.

Some readers also understand the entrepreneur’s point of view. “I myself am an employer, although it is a small matter, but I know that the topic from the employer’s point of view and layoffs is a problem for me from time to time, and I often wonder how to face it,” comments one LinkedIn user. However, it also draws attention to the other side of the coin: “If someone reprimands an employee that he will only be fired when he gets another job, this is evidence of a complete lack of understanding and disconnection from the ramifications of employees’ lives. Their current commitments, monthly family budget, etc.

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