The Russian fuel and energy complex is sounding the alarm.  There may be an energy shortage in Russia

Vladimir Putin asks the domestic fuel and energy industry to abandon foreign programs and offer domestic solutions from 2025. However, the industry is alarming because there is little time left for success. In her opinion, it takes a year, and in some sectors another three years.

Moreover, the Russian Energy Ministry agrees with the industry. The Ministry notes that the transition to domestic software It would require shutting down the infrastructure for two to six months. As a result, Russia is threatened with energy shortages.

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Hundreds of billions of rubles to implement Putin’s plan

Kommersant reported that the Russian industry mainly uses Windows software from Microsoft. It has been calculated that a ban on the use of foreign systems It will cost the fuel and energy industry about 280 billion rubles.

The DOE recommends that the requirement to use the national program from 2025 should cover new facilities. According to the ministry, the replacement of the existing infrastructure should be done as part of the modernization and according to the schedule prepared by the owner of the fuel and energy company.

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