Jacques Lussier (1960-2024) |  Actor Jacques Lussier has died

Jacques Lussier, who made himself known to Quebecers by starring in a dozen popular soap operas and series in the 1980s and 1990s, died last week. Pres. The actor is 64 years old.

His most notable role was in Inspector Henry Doe Daughters of Caleb Then inside BlancheIn the early 1990s, Jack Lussier starred on the small screen Cormorant, Magos, Under the sign of the lionAs well as MinisterWith Michel Dumont.

Journal of photographic documentation

Jacques Lussier and Marina Orsini Daughters of Caleb In 1994

He will be remembered in cinema intimate power, a film by Yves Simoneau with Robert Gravel and Pierre Curci. The multi-lingual actor acted in drama in English as well gray owl, Signed by British director Sir Richard Attenborough and starring Pierce Brosnan.

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A graduate of the Montreal Conservatory of Dramatic Art, Jacques Lucier worked mainly in theater in the 1980s and 1990s. It was directed by Robert LePage at TNM (The A Midsummer Night's Dream) and Denis Filiatrault (Mr. Oars of Schultz) Earlier, after leaving the Conservatoire in 1982, he was noticed in the composition of Normand Chauret. Provincetown Playhouse, July 1919, I was 19 years oldat Cafe Nelligan.

The actor sometimes spoke about social issues like housing crisis or political and cultural issues in the media. “I had good years, but it's a job when you don't bring in a penny. Weeks, months,” he told the newspaper in 2008 Voice of the EastIn an essay about the insecurity of artists and the cultural cuts made by the Harper government.

Unfortunately, after a successful start to his career, the actor had some setbacks towards the end of his career due to health and financial issues. His last television appearance was in the series reasonable doubtLast year, in the role of Mathieu Delisle.

Her agent from the Chantal David Art Institute has not represented her for months. So she couldn't give us more information.

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