Actor Frank Vallelong Jr.  dead.  His body was thrown out of the car

Frank Vallelong Jr. in his early years worked as a porter, but has recently pursued acting. He played, among other things, in serials “The Sopranos” or “neighborhood”. His most famous performance remains Creation V.I green bookWhere he played his uncle. The movie was about Vallelonga’s father and Tony Lip was played by Viggo Mortensen. The Green Book was based on a book written by Frank’s brother, Nick. The two recently set to work on a new movie, That’s My Thing.

Vallelonga’s cause of death has not yet been determined. His body was dumped from a car outside a factory in the Bronx, New York. Everything indicated that the actor died earlier. Sources close to the police told the New York Post that Valllonga most likely died of an overdose. He may also have experienced vagrancy.

The man suspected of driving the car from which Vallelonga’s body was thrown was arrested.



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