“The farmer is looking for a wife.”  Andrei was initially eliminated.  “You are not a gentleman”

Krzysztof, Camilla, Stanislaw, Camille and flap These five participants.The farmer is looking for a wife“She had the opportunity to speak to the candidates who sent them letters. The most interesting letters were selected and the authors of the letters came to meet the farmers.

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Marta Manowska revealed details of the eighth edition of “The Farmer…”. ‘We’ll break the bank’

Marta Baszkin reveals the details of their engagement. He couldn’t have chosen a worse moment.

“The farmer is looking for a wife.” Farmers get to know the candidates

The most interesting dialogues between the participants of “The farmer is looking for a wife” were led by Elipita. The woman asked the men about past relationships. I immediately crossed one of you, claiming that he had not yet forgotten his wife, who had died a few months earlier. On the other hand Andrzej that we know from the “sanatorium of love”, Ellie fell at first – I mentioned that he lacks good manners.

You are kind, lovable, everything is fine. You have a little bit of that stellar behavior. I don’t know if I want a star at home. She said: You are not a gentleman, I felt disrespected.

Later it was much better. Ryszard, whom she described as cool and fun, made a good impression on Eli. Stanislaw’s romance also stole her heart, but she described the latter as the favourite. Krzysztof was a little less fortunate. I was disappointed at first. It turned out that the candidate he was hoping to get did not appear at the meeting.

Joanna resigned, perhaps for personal reasons – Marta Manowska admitted.

Subsequent candidates did not like 55-year-old Kristoff – he complained about his age, because a woman in her sixties is too old. However, these are not all accusations.

I prefer blondes, blacks scare me somehow. I feel something that will not be found on the farm – admit it.

Pawe Bodzianny Marta Paszkin“The farmer is looking for a wife.” Bowie Bodzani and Marta Baszkin are engaged

The rest of the participants went without any major surprises. They only had a few minutes to speak with each of the candidates. In the next episode, they will spend more time with them and then they will also decide who to invite to stay in their homes for a few days.

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