Agnieszka Kotoska from "Gogglebox" in her wedding movie.  This is what she looked like at 18! [WIDEO] :: Magazine :: RMF FM

Agnieszka Kotoska is proud of her wedding video online. When I stood in front of the altar, she was only 18 years old and I already had Diane who was about 3 years old. See what the “Gogglebox” star looked like on the most important day of her life.

Agnieszka Kotoska gained recognition thanks to the show “Gogglebox. In front of the TV”. For years, he has been entertaining audiences, commenting on TV productions with his Mayma Artur and his son Dagan in front of the camera. TTV’s participation in the show will make it famous, because it’s just On Instagram, celebrities are observed by nearly 400,000 people. About Kotoska in her time was also high due to her transformation. The 45-year-old completely changes her image and Today it does not look like the same from “Gogglebox”.. She also lost weight amazingly. Lose more than 30 kilos.

Agnieszka Kotoska – Instagram Profile

Agnieszka Kotoska actively participates in social media And he doesn’t have many secrets from his Instagram followers. gladly He shows them his private life. Fans appreciate her sense of humor at 45 years old. The star of the show “Gogglebox. In front of the TV” knows very well how to keep his interest.

Agnieszka Kotoska in film for 27 years

45-year-old Agnieszka Kotoska and her mother They are the parents of 29-year-old Diane. their son She was born on November 23, 1992, when Agnieszka was under 16 years old. The Gogglebox star doesn’t hide that her mother’s early life made her play with her legs. There was also an attempt on her relationship with Arthur. Thanks to the help of Diane’s grandparents, his teenage parents were able to finish school. Soon they stood on the wedding carpet. they or was held on August 5, 1995.

Yes, of course It’s been 27 years since Agnieszka and Artur Kotoscy have been married. To celebrate the wedding anniversary, the 45-year-old influencer decided to post online a recording of the special day in which she said “yes” before the ceremony. She had her time only 18 years old. in description Video shared on Instagram from the wedding She turned to ma at moving words.

Baby, you are all I have for me, the most precious gift in life. My refuge in all this crazy life. I like! I don’t exist without you – I wrote sentimental.

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