ZUS withholds and suspends pension payments!  Important changes to the regulations effective December 1

Changes in ZUS. Who should pay special attention to it?

Effective December 1, the limits for earning extra money for retirement have changed. A certain limit is set for the amount, which must not be exceeded. If it is exceeded, her entitlement will be reduced or even suspended. Not everyone should worry about this.

In the case of people receiving early retirement i.e. so-called bridging allowances or compensatory benefits for teachers, it is recommended that more attention be paid to the limits. What is important The restrictions imposed by the ZUS do not apply to women over the age of 60 and to men over the age of 65.

However, they are of interest to many retirees. In addition to some teachers, it also includes those who work in special circumstances (such as mining, the energy industry, or the railways).. They can get the benefit if they document at least 15 years of contributions and are over 55 (women) or 60 (men) – Business Insider reports.

retirement limits. how much are they

To earn extra money and receive a pension or disability pension full height, You cannot earn more than 70 percent. Average monthly salary. if The retiree gets more than 70 percent. But less than 130 percent. average wage, the ZUS will decide to reduce the benefit. if 130% is exceeded, ZUS will suspend payment of the old-age pension.

Indicators change every 3 months – ZUS takes into account salaries in quarters published by the Central Statistical Office. In the third quarter of 2022, the average salary was 6,000 PLN. PLN 480 67 gr. The threshold of 70 percent average salary will be 4 thousand next month. Total PLN 536.50.

People who exceed this limit, but fall into the next range (that is, earn between 70% and 130% of the average salary — 8,424.90 PLN) — should consider reducing the entitlement, Business Insider reports.

Maximum amounts of old-age or disability pension reduction

The maximum rebate amounts published by ZUS are currently:

  • PLN 691 PLN 0.94 – old age pension, disability pension due to total incapacity for work
  • PLN 518 PLN 0.99 – disability pension due to partial incapacity for work
  • 588.19 PLN – survivor’s pension for one person

In the case of earnings exceeding the amount of 8424.90 PLN, one must take into account the suspension of pension payment by the Social Insurance Institution.


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