A very special moment for Sami Zayn at WWE Laval 2023

Elimination Chamber 2023 in Montreal, Quebec was extra special for Sami Zayn as he got a chance at the WWE World Championship at home. This week is also very special for Sami Zayn.

In fact, WWE hosted a live event in Laval, Quebec on December 28, 2023 (show results here) and Sami Zayn had a very special moment. For the first time in his life, Sami had the opportunity to hold his son in the ring and for the first time he saw wrestling.

During Elimination Chamber, his wife was the only one at ringside because his son was young and he had to go to bed before the main event, which was much later than the live event in Laval. Here is Sami Jain's full statement at Laval on the significance of this evening:

“You know I've been coming to Montreal for over ten years now as part of the WWE. Every time I come it's special. I always say to myself, “There's no way the next time will be this special.” » And guess what, every time is more special! I've been saying it over and over for ten years, and there's been no better moment since Elimination Chamber in Montreal, with all of you supporting me. Again, I was wrong. Somehow, tonight is even more special.

Kevin probably mentioned it, and here sits the wonderful family that has supported him all these years. You see them every time we're in Montreal, and tonight you see my family right here in the front row. But tonight is even more special because you probably already know, but I'm a private person and I keep things to myself. Some of you may not know this but I have a little boy. Here's this handsome guy in a red shirt. When I'm at home, I'm not WWE Superstar, I'm not Sami Zayn, I'm just meh. This young man had never seen me wrestle and had no idea what I was doing. Tonight is the first time he will see me in this ring.

In the video:

Another magical moment for Sammy Zain in Quebec that will be etched in his memory and that of his family.

Photo credit: WWE

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