Vladimir Putin versus naked people.  The “naked party” sparked anger in the Kremlin

But even the Russian Foreign Ministry responded, saying: “Those who participated in it are tainted.” The rapper, who came wearing only socks, was sentenced to 15 days in jail. Officials suspected his lack of clothing as hooliganism and “promoting unconventional sexual behavior.” This is how homosexuality is defined in Russian law, and “promoting it” (even through a sock) is punishable by several years in prison.

The effects of the “naked party”. An actor was cut from the film, and musicians were kicked out of concerts

Frightened Iwlewa has already posted two recordings online in which she repents, apologizes and cries. At the same time, she deleted previous anti-war statements from her account. But it didn't help.

Rapper Vasio (center, real name Nikolai Vasiliev), who came to the party wearing only socks, arrived at the court in his clothes, which sentenced him to 15 days in prison.


At least a dozen participants in the event lost their advertising contracts (including the unlucky blogger), and their concerts in various cities and television appearances (including New Year's concerts) were cancelled. Alla Pugacheva's ex-husband, the famous singer Philip Kirkorov and participant in the “Naked Party”, disappeared from the film in which he played – and the scenes with him were cut.

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Professional distraction from egg prices

One of the Moscow Times's interlocutors, a Kremlin official, explained who is repressing artists and why. – He said: There is a reason for Donkwa. It's about a journalist from Rzhev province, Ekaterina Dontsova, who suddenly announced herself as an independent candidate in the presidential elections in March. The Central Election Commission, of course, refused to register him.

Her appearance and public activity aroused the dissatisfaction of the Kremlin. Moreover, the Ukrainians hit a ship in the port of Feodosia, the prices of eggs – and other food products – etc. rose. There was a lot of negative sentiment (in society), explaining the motives behind the Kremlin's actions.

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