A wave of shady publications related to Norman Brathwaite is still rocking Facebook

If you've been scrolling through your Facebook news feed, you've probably seen one of these posts in the past few days.

A number of disturbing publications about Norman Brathwaite are circulating on Facebook, and the information they convey is not true.

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Often, these publications appear to be the host Belle and Bum Dead or perishing.

Here are some examples of posts we were able to take screenshots of yesterday, as well as others visible when using Facebook's “Ad Library” tool (obviously someone is paying to spread this nonsense to as many people as possible).

Screenshot / Facebook

Screenshot / Facebook

Screenshot / Facebook

Screenshot / Facebook

Screenshot / Facebook

Screenshot / Facebook

Screenshot / Facebook

Not recently has Brathwaite fallen victim to what he considers a scam.

Last month, he told Sophie Durocher QUB Radio That situation puts him “in trouble***”.

“Véronique Cloutier fell victim to it, Claude Legault fell victim to it,” said Mr. Brathwaite lamented. I feel guilty for doing something I have never done before,” he added.

This Friday morning, in PresIn Charles-Éric Blais-Poulin's article on clickbait, we went back to why these malicious publications exist.

These pique people's interest and lead unsuspecting internet users to cryptocurrency sites or content farms.

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Of course, by doing so, Meta is enriched by the band as the publications are sponsored.

For now, all you can do as a Facebook user is check the source's legitimacy by clicking the little “i” above “Learn More” when a new question piques your interest.

Then, if you have any doubts, ignore the post and better yet, report it if possible.

We have reached out to Normand Brathwaite's agent for comment on the incident and await a response.

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