The English major was happy to learn that his mother was safe in Quebec

After being separated from his mother Marie-Josie for 28 years, actor English Major, 31, told Us last June that he was leaving Haiti to live in Quebec.

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Almost three months after the latter’s arrival, the artist declares that he is relieved to know that he is safe.

“The situation in Haiti is not easy at the moment and I am happy that my mother is here close to me. She is still in the adaptation phase and has to learn to control her new life in Quebec. However, she is doing very well and has her own apartment. However, how my work schedule works She has trouble understanding, so I’d like to bring her to a movie set soon to see how my working teeth work.

Photo: Eric Mair / TVA Publica

English is currently shooting STAT, which resumes airing on September 11 on Radio-Canada, where he contributes his features to emergency physician Marc-Oliver Morin. “Not much can be said about my character. In the first season, he discovers that he is not the biological father of one of his sons. And that doesn’t go over well with his wife.” Plus, the actor invites us to follow him in the second season this fall.One way ticket, which debuts on Novo on September 13. The artist plays Sacha, a young man who lives on a farm with six friends. “This is a murder mystery thriller you won’t want to miss!”

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