June 9, 2023


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Guy A. LePage got fed up and quit Twitter

Guy A. Lepage has decided to cut ties with Twitter after removing the logo from his account.

In a note posted on his account on Thursday afternoon, the anchor Everyone is talking about it “It’s time for me to quit Twitter because Mr. Rocket (Elon Musk) took my T-hook off,” he wrote.

The comedian and actor raised the incongruity of having to pay any more to benefit from this recognition that is given to everyone.

He also took the time to thank his “good subscribers” with whom he had discussed in recent years, as well as others, “during exchanges, friendship or passing muscle”.

“I know I leave you with the ugliness of society. You look to forgive me. But nothing compels you to stay there,” he wrote to conclude. The host clarified that he would keep it up on his page until Thursday evening so people could take pictures of his post.

Earlier this week, Radio-Canada and the CBC announced they were suspending their operations after being spotted on Twitter attaching the label “government-sponsored media.”

The Global Task Force on Public Media recalled Thursday that the independence of the four public broadcasters (Radio-Canada, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, the Korean Broadcasting System and Radio New Zealand) that have received this seal is “protected and shaped by law.” By their editorial policies.

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