A large discount chain may have its own gas stations

Dino Network currently has 2.3k. Discount supermarkets all over Poland. However, no one doubts that the company has a desire for further development. Will it open its own gas stations? Although Dino Oil has been operating for a long time, it has obtained a license for only one station, at the company’s distribution center. The company needs such a station, for example, to refuel its trucks.

However, newshandlowe.pl indicates that the company has bigger ambitions, and that it wants to launch its own network of stations. This can be indicated by the fact that The company is currently looking for a fuel specialist in Dino.

As we read, his responsibilities will include assisting in projects related to the development of the Dino network in the gas station area, supervising the safe operation of the station and monitoring user payments. This may suggest that the company wants to open stations, for example in all of its distribution centers.

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