PSPP must take us boldly!

I understand the training PSPP has gone through Budget of the year 1.

He wanted to reply to all, like François Legault, that Quebec would be doomed if it ever severed relations with Canada and ceased to inject a balanced balance into its veins.

He wanted to show us that we were capable of living in a beautiful 4 1/2 apartment away from mom and dad’s house.

With central heating and washer-dryer.

The belly, not the brain

He said that…

It’s all well and good to calculate whether you have enough money to eat three meals a day and pay for an internet connection.

But this is not the mercury in the sovereign’s thermometer.

What is needed is passion.

Take courage people.

This is what Quebecers are missing. “Oomph”.

We all know the arguments in favor of sovereignty. You don’t have to be a genius to understand that Canada has changed since the 1960s and that the myth of “two founding peoples” in the wave of immigration doesn’t last two minutes – what I mean! Tsunami – Trudeau Jr. is preparing for us.

Staying in Canada means becoming a minority like everyone else.

Without security, there is no security.

Like a capsule of Alka-Seltzer in a glass of water, let’s dissolve the Great Canadian whole.

It bubbles for 20 seconds and then disappears.

Everyone knows that.

Finally, everyone with eyes and ears to see the “hello hi” of traders.

PSPP’s challenge is not to “make us understand” that sovereignty is good for us.

It’s just to give us a taste.

He’s not going to achieve that by lining up numbers on a piece of paper.


Quebec is like a guy who took a skydiving lesson.

He stands on the edge of the door, looks down and takes a deep breath.

Even if you remind him a thousand times how parachutes work, it’s not going to convince him to jump.

What the boy needed at that moment was not more information (he had plenty of it in his theory classes), it was demerit.

He must dig deep within himself to find the courage he needs to leave the bar and jump into the void.

In the 70s, artists played this role.

The one who moves our soul and grabs us.

Remember Jean-Pierre Ferland’s song “Un beau plus hot, un beau plus loin” on Mount Jeannette Reno.

If the vote was held that evening, bingo, it was done!

Unfortunately, the artists are no more. They jumped on board and replaced the word “sovereignty” with “diversity”.

PSPP should replace them.

That is his challenge.

Be less professorial and more encouraging.

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