June 2, 2023


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Tellers are afraid.  Many customers use abki maintenance free app

Tellers are afraid. Many customers use abki maintenance free app

  • Żabki maintenance free app is enjoying more and more unique clients. Even tens of thousands of people like this type of shopping
  • Żappka Store is a store where payments are made automatically. All you have to do is go inside, take the product, and the system will take the money from the payment card via Żappka Pay itself
  • Żabka Future Paweł Grabowski manager claims that in 3-5 years this type of maintenance-free shop will be on almost every street
  • This may mean that hiring cashiers is no longer profitable for the stores. You pay for the technology solution once, and then it “works” 24/7, as well as on non-commercial Sundays
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Maintenance-free network stores are conquering the market. As it turned out, the Poles are really good at using new technology, which they did not find difficult to master. However, the question remains: what will the cashiers, representatives of one of the most popular professions in Poland, do in this case?

Żabka Nano is a new dimension for stores. The service-free Żappka, which is open 24/7 – also on non-commercial Sundays, is revolutionizing the market. What does shopping look like in a place like this?

Shopping process in Żappka . store

We enter the store with a smartphone where we have to install the Żappka app and activate the Żappka Pay function. Before we open the door, we need to scan the QR code that is generated once and assign it to a certain point. Then we take what we need from the shelves – drinks, salty snacks, sweets and leave the store. In maintenance-free abki there are about 1.5 thousand. products. As in the average liquor store or a smaller local grocery store.

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