March 27, 2023


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What are the increases in electricity and gas prices?  The head of ERO is in charge

What are the increases in electricity and gas prices? The head of ERO is in charge

Looking at what is happening in the Polish energy exchange, we must tell ourselves directly that we will not avoid high energy prices. Certainly, these increases will be greater than last year and greater than the rate of inflation – confirms Rafai Gawain, head of the Office of Energy Regulatory in an interview with Business Insider Polska. There is also another gas price increase waiting for us. – The head of PGNiG rightly expects further increases – Gawain admits.

  • Energy companies are currently preparing applications to the ERO for new tariffs for the sale and distribution of electricity for 2022.
  • It is difficult to expect energy companies not to raise prices in the current market environment. However, the formation of household tariffs is a joint responsibility of the regulator and energy companies – stresses the head of the Energy Regulatory Bureau
  • The European Union has forced Poland to completely liberalize energy prices. According to the regulator, it is too early to do so, because Poland must meet several conditions
  • Replacing coal-fired power plants with less readily available units, such as wind farms or photovoltaics, could make us highly dependent on energy imports in the future.
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Barbara OksiƄska, Business Insider Polska: Energy prices in the wholesale market are breaking records. Does this mean we can also expect record increases in our electricity bills?