A home in a few months, or modern finished items under the microscope

Architecture based on prefabricated buildings has a long tradition, although it must be recognized that modern solutions have significantly surpassed and developed what we know from history. Particularly noteworthy are finished wooden products, which are based on natural raw materials. What makes them stand out? They are aesthetic, durable and practical. Contrary to appearance, its fire resistance is very high and meets the highest standards. Moreover, it is as solid as brick architecture. It is best to look at this through a specific example, namely a heavy prefabricated wooden product supplied by WOLF Haus.

Developer status plus even in 3 months

WOLF Haus homes are built on a traditional foundation slab that provides a sturdy and solid base. The structure itself was built in just a few days (3 to 5). In contrast, the additional development phase (from foundation slab to backfill) is completed in 3 months. Of course, this incredible pace goes hand in hand with proven solutions. WOLF Haus has been operating on the European market for more than 50 years, including in Poland for more than 30 years.

Materials and their properties

The technology used by WOLF Haus is based on prefabricated heavy timber structures. What does this really mean? The house elements are built on solid beams made of KVH (lengthwise glued structural timber) and BSH (glued cross-laminated structural timber). Thanks to this, a concrete screed is used on the roof, while heavy cement roof tiles can be installed on the roof. WOLF Haus offers a 30-year guarantee on the building structure.

Of course, walls are also an important element, and they consist of several layers. Here, WOLF Haus offers several options to choose from, although the most popular are those in the Ultra Mega Wand line. The wood used in its manufacture is imported from the largest factories in Germany, where it is kiln dried, planed on four sides and chamfered. The moisture content does not exceed 14%. The materials used provide effective protection against heat, frost and noise.

It is also worth thinking about fire resistance and dispel one of the myths that prefabricated wooden elements do not provide. The walls of WOLF Haus meet the fire resistance class REI 60, with the possibility of increasing to REI 120. This is verified through stringent tests: they are subjected to a 120-minute fire test in an oven heated to 1075°C. Tests show that the wall temperature on the other side is only 20°C. The structure remains intact, the wall retains static electricity and ensures the integrity of the building.

It is worth noting here the steel structures, which are exposed to uncontrolled deformations under the influence of high temperatures, or the reinforced concrete structures, which may lose their load-bearing properties in such a case.

Energy efficiency and environment

In the case of private homes, heating in the winter constitutes a large burden on the budget. This is why it is very important to reduce heat loss. Houses built using prefabricated technology proposed by WOLF Haus have good energy saving properties. For example, for walls, the heat transfer coefficient is 0.13 U=W/m²K. Every time before the house is delivered, its tightness is tested. You can enjoy it later too during hot weather!

It is also worth remembering the pro-environmental values ​​associated with the use of natural materials, such as wood. Their production and processing process has a much lower impact on the environment than various plastics, for example. Therefore, by choosing solutions from WOLF Haus, we will not only accelerate the pace of construction and ensure its durability, but we will also significantly reduce our carbon footprint.

There’s a lot to do with technology – but what does it all look like in practice? Customers can choose one of Ready projects from the catalogthe Custom designed, dream design From any office, WOLF Haus will adapt it to its own technology (in consultation with the project creator). The subsequent construction process is comprehensive – from the foundation phase to the development phase with installations. The rapid pace of construction is not just advertising, which is best demonstrated by specific projects, such as the one presented in an episode of “An Idea for a House.” Watch how I built a house in just a few months.

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Materials sponsored by WOLF Haus

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