Five major changes to housing.  These are the results of the Polish deal

As Bartosz Turek, Senior Analyst at HRE Investments notes, The Polish system may have at least a number of reasons – directly and indirectly – on the situation in the housing market. This will include, for example, the effects of changes in the tax system and the construction process. The government also decided to directly influence the housing sector through a program of loans without special contribution.

As Bartosz Turek explains, it is specifically about Secured Home Loan Program. Offering such a solution has been assumed by the HRE think tank for several quarters. This idea, which has been translated into law, will enter into force at the end of May. The program will be available to everyone who does not have their own “M”, but also to families who live in a very small apartment. Having creditworthiness and credibility in addition to the funds necessary to carry out the transaction (commissions, fees, documentation fees, taxes), you will be able to get a loan to buy real estate or build a house without your own contribution or with a small contribution.

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