NFL star Travis Kelce managed to get a ‘date’ with Taylor Swift

The expression “a guy tries” has paid off for Travis Kelce, who has reportedly been spotted in the company of Taylor Swift in recent weeks after she failed to give him her phone number at one of her concerts.

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The last Super Bowl champion said on an episode of the podcast New heights Aired in July, he tried to contact the popular American singer with her phone number to give her a friendship bracelet.

“I was disappointed to learn that she doesn’t talk before and after concerts to save her voice for the 44 songs she sings,” he joked to his brother Jason. The story went viral on social media.

However, according to the Messenger, the translator A cruel summer And the Kansas City Chiefs tight end reportedly started talking to each other after the incident spread on social media.

“Taylor and Travis have started spending time together privately,” the anonymous source said. She saw it a few weeks ago when she was in New York.

Neither star has confirmed the rumours.

However, on another episode of the podcast, Travis Kelce said he was in New York on August 31. New heights.

In fact, when his brother Jason asked him what he did on his weekend, Travis was very vague in his answer.

“What did I do? I don’t remember it anymore. I don’t think I did much,” he replied.

When pressed by his brother, Travis admitted that he had “gone missing”.

“I think I was in New York,” he said before changing the subject.

At another point in the episode, Jason commented on his brother’s mustache, asking “what Taylor Swift is going to think about it.”

“We’re not going to talk about Taylor Swift in this episode,” Travis said. But I think she’ll like it.”

According to information from Page Six

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