The Law and Justice Party would like to nationalize, and what does Shabaka say?  The chain of stores may have its first appearance on the stock exchange

– You know what that is ¯abka. These stores can also be repurchased. We are going in this direction – said the head of the Law and Justice party in October.

Frog declined to comment at the time. However, the owners reveal some plans for the development of the brand.

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Sylvia Magher: The refrigerator is the first store

Żabka will debut on the stock exchange?

Krzysztof Krawczyk, partner at CVC Capital Partners, the fund to which abka belongs he told PAP Businessabka has a decade of evolution ahead of it. The fund may consider exiting the investment, Krawzik said, but a lot depends on “the state of the financial markets.” But he added that the capital markets are currently frozen and it is difficult to predict when they will open.

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As Krawzik explained, frog Made for Stock trading And this trend is CVC Capital Partners’ main exit path.

We feel comfortable with this asset for several more years [z Żabką – red.]. We know what potential it has. We will wait patiently for the situation to improve. I don’t want to speculate at the moment whether it will be the Warsaw Stock Exchange. (…) We do not rule anything out

– added.

The Frog Nano wants to jump on Amazon this year

Frog owns 9 thousand. Shops. Currently, it is developing the Nano (self-service store) format, already 50 stand-alone stores are operating under this banner Shops. Last year, the company boasted that it was the largest network of its kind in the world Europe. This year, they want to become the leaders in this sector all over the world

Amazon, which ranks second in Europe and first in the United States, has about 70 stores (independent – ed.). We have over 50 of them, and we want to be the largest in the world, and we want to outpace Amazon. This is our goal for this year

– said Tomasz Blicharski, Vice President of the Żabka Group in New York at NFR 2023, Quoted by

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