LOT Polish Airlines has launched regular flights from Warsaw to Albania.  Tirana is a popular holiday destination

new Integration means new opportunities for tourism And for business – said Deputy Foreign Minister Simon Sinkovsky Phil Sok during the ceremony, which was held at Tirana Airport. He added that the interest in Albania is increasing year by year, primarily as a tourist destination, and local resorts are an interesting alternative to places in Greece if Croatia.

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Lotte sues Boeing. The Polish company demands compensation of one billion zlotys

LOT Polish Airlines will take us from Warsaw to Tirana

The inaugural flight took place on Tuesday (November 2). Planes LOT Polish Airlines They will do three trips a week – on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. The cruise takes less than two hours.

piece of ground He also wants to encourage the people of Albania to travel long distances. New connections from Tirana to from Warsaw They will allow transportation in the capital of Poland to planes that fly farther, to the United States or Canada.

As Michał Fijoł, Vice President of PLL LOT, said in Tirana, in 2020-2021 the transport company almost launched 300 Cruises from several cities in Poland to Tirana us tourists. He emphasized that in a few years Albania has grown into one of the most important players in the foreign tourism market.

LOT Polish Airlines plane (illustration)Airlines will pay for canceled flights. But not all of them. ran out a lot

LOT Polish Airlines resumes flights from Warsaw to Miami

Earlier, the Polish airline LOT announced that it will restore several direct flights to the United States. As early as December 10, the road from Warsaw to Miami will be restored – flights In this direction they will be held three times a week. It is worth remembering to review the entry rules applicable in a particular country before purchasing a ticket.

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