More than six months of sobriety: “The last time, I was 12,” says Eric Lapointe

Eric Lapointe made it no secret he was an alcoholic. His condition led him to hell, and all of Quebec witnessed it. But when we fall, the only path left inevitably leads us back to the surface. At Sophie Durocher’s microphone, at QUB, the singer-songwriter returns to this long crossroad of the desert.

“I was there, but I wasn’t there. I ran away from the children at home,” he lamented.

April 21 marked his six months of sobriety. Six months of “suppressing another man”. Fighting his addiction was not an easy task, and he would not hide it. On the other hand, the way his children see him now makes all the difference.

“I could see the pride in my kids’ eyes,” she explained.

Even as the night owl learns to tame the day, work is more important than ever. Also, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of his debut album, TortureEric Lapointe decided to re-record the songs that took him to the top of the charts.

But there is a shadow on the board. Although the public seems to have forgiven his wrongdoings and continued to fill his halls, the organizers of the National Day celebrations still seem to ignore him. However, not too long ago, Eric Lapointe was a staple of the main programs presented on June 23. This year, his absence will be even heavier for the artist.

“I knew they were going to mark the death of Jean-Pierre Ferland, and I wanted to be a part of this show,” he said, his throat tight with emotion.

Eric Lapointe quietly accepts the fate assigned to him. He did not pretend to be a victim, quite the contrary. He says he understands people who no longer want to associate with him. Despite everything, we can understand his regrets even if he doesn’t listen and lets time do its work. His flame burns fiercely on stage and no organization can take it away from him.

Listen to the second part of Eric Lapointe’s interview with Sophie Durocher in the video below:

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