Do not do this when withdrawing from an ATM.  You may lose money

Many of us associate using an ATM with a very simple automated activity. However, it is worth being careful – banks report a very serious scam that any of us can become a victim of.

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We are talking about so-called cash baiting, that is, fraud that involves modifying an ATM. how? Criminals place special strips inside the cash feeder, causing the bills to slide into a special space invisible to the person using the ATM.

The device then recognizes that the entire transaction has been completed correctly. The money is then debited from the victim’s account, even though he did not receive the exact amount. Most importantly, the ATM will no longer be able to withdraw the withdrawn cash because it considers the withdrawal to have been completed successfully.

Some people then assume that they are dealing with a hardware malfunction. This is a mistake – there are many signs of a criminal lurking in the area who, after we move away from the ATM, will immediately appear next to the machine to extract the blocked funds and repeat the attack using the cash trapping technique.

What to do in this case? First of all, don’t stray far from ATMs. It is necessary to notify the bank or ATM operator from which we have withdrawn funds.

If possible, it’s also worth taking a look at the banknote dealer. A cash-blocking tape will likely be located on the item that closes the hatch. Even a slight movement can result in the loss of this item.

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