We already know what errors occur most often in combustion cars and electric cars

ADAC, one of the oldest car clubs where drivers can avail themselves of the assistance of mobile mechanics, was summed up last year. According to published statistics, ADAC mechanics, known as “yellow angels”, helped German drivers more than 3.5 million times in 2023. A total of 3,531,058 car breakdown interventions were performed in 2023. This means that every 9 seconds someone in Germany Need help on the road.

The data clearly shows that compared to 2022, the number of calls to service technicians increased by 3.4%. In a month-to-month comparison, ADAC's roadside assistance associates and mobile partners were busier in December and August. The record day was 4 December, when 18,378 interventions were carried out. During this time, Germany experienced heavy snowfall accompanied by low temperatures.

For almost many years, the most common cause of failure has been car battery problems. In 2023, these interventions accounted for more than 44%. All cases in which ADAC's Emergency Road Service responded to a report.

In second place (22.8%) were engine and engine management system malfunctions. The most common faults include: problems with injection, ignition and sensors. In third place were problems with the alternator, starter, electrical installations and lighting of the vehicle. They constitute about 10.5 percent. general. The remaining interventions mainly concern minor faults – among them, ADAC reported problems with the steering or brake system.

Germans can't afford new cars? ADAC advises: Go to Poland.

Unfortunately, as battery-powered vehicles become more accessible, the extent of their breakdowns is also increasing. Abu Dhabi Airports Company points out that since 2022, the number of such interventions has almost doubled, and in 2023 alone, the Car Club recorded more than 30,000. Such cases.

In the case of electric cars, it has also been shown that the most common problem is the starter battery. An error in this system was the cause of more than half of the calls. It is worth noting that in an electric car it is not possible to transfer energy from the traction battery to the starting battery, so the discharge will immobilize the car in exactly the same way as in the case of a combustion engine.

In electric cars, problems were less common with traction batteries, electric motors or even electronic devices.

It is best to avoid these used cars. ADAC report.

However, it should be noted that the term electric vehicle is understood by ADAC not only as electric vehicles, but also as plug-in hybrids and even classic hybrids. In this case, most models available on the German market are slowly entering the era of more frequent breakdowns, which also affect their combustion units.

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