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May 24th, 2018

Dark Knight Rises: An Unexpected Villain Will Return

I have been deliberately ignoring as much detail on the Dark Knight Rises as possible over the last few weeks but today an interesting tidbit caught my eye. It seem that Bane will not be the only villain to tangle with The Bat in the final installment of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy.

In a press release the studio revealed that all the key players would be at the premiere in Europe and one unexpected cast member listed to appear was Cillian Murphy who played Dr Jonathon Crane aka The Scarecrow in the orginal Batman Begins.

This is an expected but pleasant surprise. Cillian Murphy is an incredibly talented actor and the Scarecrow is a great villain that has been under utilized and could add a great dynamic to the final Batman film. Whether it will be a big role or a small easter egg role we will not know until the film hits theaters.

There has been a ton of speculation as to whether Ra’s al Ghul League of Shadows would have a part in the final film and whether Marion Cotillard is playing Talia Al Ghul. Many months ago BadAssDigest revealed that the upcoming film will follow the story line of The League of Shadows and that Marion Cotillard is definitely playing Talia Al Ghul and that Bane is her weapon of vengeance.

The story has not been confirmed but the concept is solid and would explain why Bane is in Gotham short of him wanting to just take over and kick the Dark Knight’s ass!

Also in a recent new photo released for The Dark Knight Rises we got a glimpse at Two Face, or his memorial at least which hints that he to will have a role in The Dark Knight Rises bringing the level of villains to a new level with Bane, Scarecrow,  Two Face and potentially Talia Al Ghul and the League of Shadows.

It is a good thing that The Dark Knight has Catwoman to help him along the way and yes… I will dare say it again… perhaps Robin will help Bruce Wayne as well if you believe the Forbes Magazine reporter who says that Jonathon Blake is really playing Robin/Night Wing

Regardless of the Robin rumors, and the new Scarecrow easter eggs it goes without saying that The Dark Knight Rises in a word will rock!


  1. guest

    There will be no Robin. Glad about scarecrow though but something I had already guessed.

    • Are you a Cillian Murphy fan or just a fan of the character? I am both! 

      • Journalism

        this is not a real big reveal since there were many set reports of Murphy being on set and quite possibly even a scene in one of the latest trailers (it is a very quick scene and the purported character is blurred and in the distance, however the idea surrounding the scene would make sense for the Scarecrow character – who, even at the end of the Dark Knight, is assumed to be at large).

  2. Reports came out ~1 month ago in an interview with Cotillard, she said she is most definitely not playing a bad guy. Hence, we can assume no Talia, unless it was some weird misdirection ploy by Nolan.

    • I doubt Nolan will ever admit the plot but I think your right in that we are grasping for her to be playing such a cool role.

      • Journalism

        I am torn on this one. On one hand, we have both Cotillard and Nolan declining as much, however, there have been set photos (can’t remember if this is in a trailer as well) of a woman of Cotillard’s descript in very … intriguing costuming which can lead one to believe a Talia connection. At the same time, however, we clearly do not know the context of the scene and for all we know she is being taken from a gala or something.

  3. Nisar56

    two face cant return because chris confirmed that his character is dead.

  4. Journalism

    go to IGN .. they have an article where Nolan specifically states that two face is dead as well as the actor himself stating that he wanted to be in the third but was informed by Nolan the character was good and truly dead. Not only that, the viral campaign for TDKR has information about Harvey Dent Day – a day dedicated to his ‘brave’ death. Perhaps you should do some more research about a topic first. It’s kind of key doing reporting of any kind =)

    • I am not a reporter of any kind i am an average joe who writes about movies. The fact he is dead doesnt mean they wont show said death :) I trust what Nolan says about as much as what my government tells me is the truth. Is he really gonna spoil his own movie? Good comments thanks for making valid points without being a troll. I for one appreciate it

      • Journalism

        to be devil’s advocate here; technically you are ‘reporting’ in all sense of the word. You may not be a paid journalist with an established firm, but what you doing is still classified as ‘reporting’ – especially since you are bringing new information to a wide readership. Even if you still consider yourself not a reporter of any kind, I would still suggest fact checking with other sources before making quick commentary – especially in this day in age. You want to be able to be accurate in what your bringing to your viewership. The Two-Face character is a fact of the story (or rather his lack of role) in TDKR has been a confirmed piece of news from even before TDKR even had a script.

        I also highly doubt we will see much in way of a the death again, unless via flashback, since TDKR is set 8 years after TDK. It would be silly to go that far back, whereas they can convey the very same message in a commemorative party on the, presumably, first Harvey Dent Day (as seen in the trailers).

        • To your first comment I hear you. I by no means excuse the fact I am not a reporter with the fact I am not a reporter lol. Every day i try to improve and take intelligent critique like yours seriously.

          • Journalism

            Not a worry, it’s in my system. I studied journalism in college, so I take note of something like this – even though it is really quite mundane in the greater scheme of things. But, being journalistically trained, I cannot help myself when I know there is information missing.

  5. Journalism

    I think the Robin link is a stretch, but not entirely without merits. A common thought is that Batman cannot die, Gotham needs him for hope, yet the legend is ending…I believe that bruce will die defending his city, but there will be someone to step up and take his mantle when he is gone, and I think this is where JLG will come in.

      • Journalism

        Even though its how I feel the movie will turn out, I would still very much love it if they left the bat and bruce dead…I feel it would have more of a powerful effect on the audience. That is assuming that one or the other will see their end. Though all fingers point to that conclusion unless Nolan can find a way of tying up this trilogy in a way that suggests a definitive ending to his story (which is what he wants) without going that extreme.

  6. M Lordvader

    There is a rumor that John Blake is azrael

    • Journalism

      I doubt it will be azreal. I think it would be too far out there for a general movie going audience. I think if anything he will become Batman 2, or an identity more along the lines of Nightwing (but still, this is still a little out there but probably not as much as Azrael).

  7. Dpned

    A new toy figurine for the dark knight rises showed a figure who resembled Azrael….so who knows maybe john Blake plays a bigger part than we thought.

      • Journalism

        I looked into this and if it is the “silver” batman shown with standard bats, catwoman, bane and a ninja clad warrior then the official report states that the silver suit will not be seen in the movie.

        However! On further digging, I did come across a pre-orders page for The Dark Knight Toys and all the above were listed as well as a, and I quote “SECRET TOY” action figure. None of the figures had a corresponding image, so I don’t know if this is the same series as my above example or not. 

        The biggest challenge with look at the bat figures and determining whether they are Bale bats or another is the simple fact that any iteration of a batman fig always has an obscene amount of alternate versions “submercile batman, sonar batman….hang gliding batman” etc all with very different suits of armour. I think we need to be more careful when it comes to the toys to see any spoilers or hidden gems. 

  8. Danlivi1987

    i want the joker to come back. or the riddler to be a part of the movie.

  9. Madboy59

    I think we will get to see scarecrow in a bigger role or just a cameo. And Even though joker isnt physically in the movie I think they might explain his outtings in TDK i think the league of shadows maybe has somthin to do with the joker. And bane is going to be Badass

    • Journalism

      Won’t happen, sadly. Nolan has stated in several interviews that Joker will not be brought up or mentioned because of his respect for Heath Ledger. I think it is a little much, however, since a nice throw to the previous two flicks via passing conversation would really help bridge the eight year gap. 

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