God of War Ragnarok is Sony’s next PC game, says an almost reliable source

10 Beth 2024, 13:38

According to the latest reports, Sony’s next PC exclusive will be God of War: Ragnarok. An announcement is expected soon.

Image source: Sony Interactive Entertainment


It is very likely that another Sony exclusive production will soon be released for PC users. At least that’s what he suggests entrance On the website God of War: Ragnarok.

The community considers Billbil-kun a reliable source of information and rarely makes mistakes. He’s often credited with learning about new free titles on the Epic Games Store or upcoming game collections on Humble Choice in advance. At the beginning of January I was informed We also know that Sony is working on an updated version Until dawnwhich will also be released on PC, which, as we know, was released later TRUE. So there is a high probability that he was not wrong this time.

It is not known when the newer PC version will be announced God of Warbut according to Belbel Con, this will happen soon. Users in the comments point to Summer Game Fest 2024 scheduled for June 7 or Sony’s as-yet-unconfirmed presentation.

The information itself shouldn’t be a big surprise, because The Japanese giant has been regularly releasing PC ports of its exclusive titles for a long time. new God of War This is unlikely to be an exception, but is only a matter of time. All we can do is enjoy it or – if you’re a Bloodborne fan like me – do it with tears.

God of War: Ragnarok It debuted on November 9, 2022 on PS4 and PS5. The game was very well received and became another highly rated release in the series. Average rating of reviewers on the site Metacritic It is 94/100 while the players are 8.1/10.

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