Quarrel in Russia.  Residents entered the collapsed building of apartments

Let us remember that on the evening of January 27 in Rostov The wall of an apartment building collapsed at 72/3 Narimanov Street. Residents were evacuated and the gas supply to the house was cut off.

According to residents, an ambulance and emergency vehicle arrived at the scene of the accident. According to residents, the ambulance transported a retiree. However, the Ministry of Emergency Situations did not provide information about the victims.

Anton Herashchenko, Advisor to the Ukrainian Ministry of InteriorSocial media reported that residents of the building claim that they have not received compensation yet.

The rest of the article is below the video

The authorities in Russia believe that in order to safely enter apartments, it is necessary to wait for the test results. While the residents “searched” the house freely (as shown in the video).

On the morning of May 9, the residents of this building broke the locks of the building and entered their apartments. Some residents were able to take their belongings. The police were called to the scene. After the residents left the house, the entrance door was closed by welding.

Built in the 1960s, the five-storey apartment building at 72/3 Narimanov Street has been deemed unsafe and is scheduled for demolition in the summer of 2020.

In August 2023, the plot of land beneath the house was taken over by the city council. However, the authorities were in no hurry to transfer residents. Research on evaluating housing conditions only began at the end of 2023. In addition, some residents did not agree to the purchase price.

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