Kate Middleton’s Cancer: These Signs Don’t Mislead William’s Condition

A disastrous video, then nothing. On March 22, after weeks of silence, Kate Middleton revealed that she had cancer. He was declared ill “A Big Shock” To the Princess of Wales. With Prince William, she believed she had it all done “To process and manage it personally [leur] family”. But could not keep quiet about his health and his treatment, preventive chemotherapy.

From this sad announcement, The Princess of Wales does not appear in public. Prince William, for his part, is slowly beginning to honor duties again. Without worrying about Kate Middleton’s health. But despite everything, his attitude says a lot about the storm his wife is going through. According to whom this is the opinion of royal expert Bill Dampier “Telling Signs” Propagated by the Prince of Wales.

These “Telling Signs” of Prince William

“Kate wanted her cancer diagnosis and treatment to be confidential, and everyone respected that.”, he recalled first. According to Bill Dampier, Kate Middleton “feeling good” And Prince William’s latest decisions show that. “There are telltale signs that Prince William is taking on more engagementshe added. Especially by visiting the Isles of Scilly for a day or two. I don’t think he would travel if she wasn’t well.”

According to Crown experts, Kate Middleton’s health is improving. Behind the scenes, the Princess of Wales’ entourage is said to be preparing for the mass. “When Kate returns to action, interest in her is high and she must continue to actHe estimated. He will definitely be more popular than ever and I am sure the public will rally around him.”

Kate Middleton and Prince William are “going through hell”

Meanwhile, the Princess of Wales can count on the unwavering support of her husband and their children. Especially since times are very complicated for the family. “I’m heartbroken right now.”, Amiya Arrieta, a close confidant of the couple, told the Telegraph. According to the stylist who took care of their children, Welsh “Life is Hell” Daily. “I hope they come back”She added.

If news is rare across the channel, Kate Middleton seems to be on the right track. Above all she can trust a man in her life. “He was a source of comfort. As was the love, support and kindness shown by so many of you, she said in her heartbreaking video. It took us a while to explain everything to George, Charlotte and Louis and reassure them that everything would be fine.”

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