Legia wants a striker from France?

Source: matchyki.pl

According to matchyki.pl, Legia Warsaw are interested in acquiring a striker from France. He is Kylian Corridor, 23 years old from Rodez AF. His team currently ranks fourth in the standings.

Corridor scored 12 goals and provided seven assists this season. According to the website, talks regarding the transfer are already underway, and Legia is determined to include a player who has a contract valid until June 2026.

“Corridor is a striker in the style of Mark Goal or Carlitos. He is not a strong, tall player like Thomas Beckhardt, for example. He is agile, he can attack from deep, play, hold the ball or in the rudez, play as a striker or as a left striker when switching to a system.” 1-3-4-3, Rodez always plays tactically with three central defenders.

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Dogs – 6 minutes ago, *.t-mobile.pl

The title should be: This time it’s rubbish from France?


Andreas – 16 minutes ago, *.chello.pl

Who spotted it? Who watched it? Who recommended it? And who accepts it?


WFH – 1 hour ago, *.vectranet.pl

Pago Pago, I’ll be in heaven, I can already see how the miserly honey spills the straw,


Die-hard fan – 1 hour ago, *.chello.pl

Kylian Mbappe!


R – 1 hour ago, *.edu.pl

When I read Kylian I thought you made a mistake in your name and Legia wants Kylian Mbappe! 🙂


I love – 1 hour ago, *.vectranet.pl

It’s a camouflage. Miodoski wants to cover up the secret negotiations with Mbappe. Some information.


Baku – 1 hour ago, *.190.43

Will Shaggy pay? Of which


Johnny – 2 hours ago, *.aster.pl

In the style of Mark Guala or Carlitos.
Bwahahahaha. Who seriously compares Jwala to Carlitos?

Unless we are talking about Carlitos’ second stay in (L), that is, after his great fall, but this does not make sense. On this principle, Rosolek is better than the 60-year-old Maradona.


run out – 2 hours ago, *.centertel.pl

Koło has a 2-year contract, and it’s cash, not for the dog… Potato chips for dogs ☺️


Ors72 – 2 hours ago, *.t-mobile.pl

It’s time to hold accountable those who play for Legia and then recruit players


JZ – 2 hours ago, *.132.28

It is true that we are watching him. Unfortunately, the script writer forgot to write that the player is missing a leg and one lung. Despite everything, we see more potential in him than Masek, who is highly interested in several La Liga and English Premier League teams. We rejected a bid of €25 million because we believe a player with such excellent reception and dribbling as Masek deserves much more.


oblique – 3 hours ago, *.chello.pl

The value of the guest is estimated by Transfermarkt at 1.5 million euros, and the only thing that can tempt him against the average players from the French League 1 is the cups (he is unlikely to come to the average team from the Polish League, which does not play in Europe, in order to kick each other’s legs with players from Arka, Niepołomice or Mielec). Moreover, the amount = final conversion is unrealistic, so getting a loan with a final conversion option is more likely.


to – 3 hours ago, *.aster.pl

The 23-year-old Franzoz, with better and better numbers season after season, is on an active contract. He definitely wants to move to the Polish League and certainly no club in the French League would want to sign him. He will still fight in the French League qualifiers. 100% would be interested :dd


lucho_83 – 2 hours ago, *.77.228

@L: With us it will be like heaven 😉


Repeats – 1 hour ago, *.centertel.pl

@L: Read the title again. Legia wants :⁠-⁠):⁠-⁠):⁠-⁠):⁠-⁠):⁠-⁠), Maybe the man has not even heard of a club like Legia because he is interested in a career in the top league in the world, but Legia wants it. And you have to make a big fuss of it. Perhaps it is better to publish articles like this when negotiations begin, because Legia will soon know that they want Kylian Mbappé.


Like a bear – 59 minutes ago, *.orange.pl

@L: Maybe they’ll give him a pond with frogs for free, and he’ll be tempted ;p


aa – 41 minutes ago, *.t-mobile.pl

@L: It’s a fairy tale and a rumor like many when the season ends and people are looking for new players.
He must be an idiot to come here.


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