Ukraine: The Russians storm Kharkov.  There is a statement from the White House

Washington responded to Russian attacks in the Kharkiv region. There was a bombing on Friday morning Border town of Wołczańsk, population 18,000.

There is no doubt that the main goal of the Russians is to seize the second largest city in Ukraine. We are talking about Kharkov.

War in Ukraine. USA: The White House on the Kremlin plan

John Kirby from the US Presidential Administration confirmed that Russia has intensified its activities in eastern Ukraine. Moreover, he noted that the army of Vladimir Putin You will continue to strike.

John Kirby said: It is possible that Russia will make further progress in the coming weeks. in this context He stressed American support for Kiev.

He added, “It appears that the Kremlin is preparing for a larger attack.” He pointed to the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv.

War in Ukraine. “Fierce fighting” in the east

The leader stressed that “Russia launched a new wave of offensive countermeasures.”

– Our forces were prepared for Friday’s attack, but Moscow… It may send more troops to the region – Zelensky warned.

Kharkov. The Ukrainians repelled the attack

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense issued a separate statement regarding the Russian attack. The attack reportedly occurred around 5 a.m. in the morning.

We read in the message: “An attempt was made to break through our defensive line under the cover of armored vehicles.” He hits He was repulsed.

Meanwhile, damage was confirmed in Wołczańsk. Russia It was attacked there with bombs and artillery.

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Simonyak in “Guest Events” about the Commission to Investigate Russian Influence: It will not be a hammer on a political opponent/Polsat News/Polsat News

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