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July 21st, 2018

Walking Dead Season 2 Release Date & Updates

Robert Kirkman is busy promoting the DVD & Bluray release of Walking Dead which means we all win since he cant help but also talk about Walking Dead Season 2. First off we might as well address the question of when it will release. It was earlier rumored that it would make a summer release to help spread the peak ratings from AMC since they already get great ratings for FearFest. Robert Kirkman has confirmed that it wont be a summer release. AMC is heading for a fall release, likely in October for the 13 new episodes of The Walking Dead Season 2.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly he also talked briefly about what we can expect from season 2 saying that it will again focus on the human dynamic with us seeing alot more of the Laurie and Andrea characters and playing up the drama between Rick and Shane which really came to a head in the final episodes.

Although Kirkman was not willing to discuss to much about the locations and plot of Season 2 he was willing to say that we will finally get to see Hershels’ farm which we speculated on already. As far as what is going on with the writing and directing Kirkman and Frank Darabonte are locked up working hard writing the scripts and as with last season Frank Darabonte will showcase his skills behind the camera directing again.

Needless to say I am incredibly excited for Season 2 of Walking Dead. Its a great concept and with the expanded extra seven episodes over Season 1 this new season of Walking Dead means even more zombie madness! While you wait for Season 2 why not checkout our Tips for Surviving the Walking Dead just in case the dead do walk :)


  1. Allenjunifer

    Im ready for walkin dead to be back on the air cant hardly wait for season 2

  2. Tammypierce20

    Can’t wait I loved,loved the first season:)!!!!

  3. Jonas

    Why is it a little smiley at the bottom? :)

  4. This guy was here

    There is nothing more pleasant than an extended, why not? original, version of Dawn of the Dead, which actually recalls me this awesome game: Left for Dead. Sorry but, since Zombieland, I´ve started my zombiemaniac career.

  5. Choppa13420

    gotta say just finished watch season 1 of Walking Dead 1 of the greatest zombie movie/T.V show made Good Work Keep this shit up

  6. Lena Nesset


  7. Christa

    Ahh I love zombie movie.The walking dead is awesome lool I am watching the first episode and again I love watching it over and over because it just so amazing how they make a zombie film into a series.But why in October.

  8. Warren804

    actually the directing and the acting was pretty stupid….I mean soooooo stupid as in juvenile.  I think my 19 year old nephew could have directed it better.

  9. zombie


  10. Heather0531

    cant wait!!

  11. Mr. Formula 350

    Michael Rooker and his brother are the best chracters.

  12. Mr. Formula 350

    Michael Rooker and his brother are the best chracters.

  13. Star:D

    i like this series altho there are so many things wrong with this series, first the united states military would NEVER lose to a bunch of “walkers” i mean really… 1 marine could kill hundreds of these zombies they are slow and stupid, Secondly, their camp was completely retarded in design, why put the tents next to the forest when there is open ground and better vantage points… i could go on and on

    • Keyser Söze

      Here is a military perspective regarding the episode TS-19….The incubation period is very short, and to be effective it has to be a head shot. Standard Issue M16 or M4, in the case of the show, those are your 2 best options using semi-auto mode, they are accurate and can be fired fast.  has a magazine capacity of 30rnds of 5.56×45 ammo.The gun shots attract more walkers though, now the military has to deal with something they never anticipated, a huge, and clumsy army more than 280million Strong on their own turf, and at some point it’s very likely they got cut off from their command and supplies, and be overrun,

      Note:Possible VAGUE SPOILER: This however, is completely irrellevant because it’s a fictional show. This isn’t a documentary or a basic training video. Seriously, people are dying and coming back to life, and in TS19, the explanation they give, BTW, I’m now in med. School, if that were real, they might be “alive”, but not hear or see, nor would they have the balance to walk, they would be in a Coma at the very best, but I don’t think about that because it’s fiction. Actually, it doesn’t bother me, but, If you can contract whatever it is by a bite, I remember seeing a decent amount of blood either go in their mouth or eye. Since it lives in the blood, but I don’t care. It’s a great show.  My point is if they did everything right it would be a boring show.

  14. Uglyfootcarparts

    Got to be honest not a follower of zombie genre but it’s the human
    element of this series and the fact that this plague isn’t gods intervention with mans world but that it could be mans intervention with gods world. The suggestion all along is that it’s a virus and that scientist were right to the end are looking for a cure. The last episode of season 1 shows how fragile humans and it is the strength of individuals to lead that helps the others ! I look forward to season to now as a avid follower to the walking dead. P.S. Please keep it realistic in story line and by doing it make it credible, well as credible as fiction can be …… Shaun UK

    • Bigwilson100000

      Ya but if you watched the show it general said that when you die you turn into a walker so the military ain’t going to do shit so when a person dies it turns to a walker.

  15. Killerjoe2510

    Can’t wait but it needs to make more sense and stuff . Idk what I’m saying . But stil great season

  16. Gerardtan65

    i love alpha theta omega. walking is the best.  spread the wing and fly high ALTHONIANS.

  17. Cassi

    I liked Walking Dead before it became a TV show and gained popularity. 

  18. Vpablo53

    I luved the first season I honestly thought it was gonna suck fir it being a tv show but it was a really awesome show for all of us zombke fans.i gotta wait for season two to come out I dont gave cable or internet exceot on my phone I hooe thiers linjs here to watch the next shows to get me up to speed

  19. adieslevin

    The walking dead is the thing I’m holding out for !

  20. Kellymolyneux

    Yeah now like my butt hole coz I jus shat me self watchn season 1

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  22. Wolf

    @6f1ce0d0135aa0173826c2b9afdddfc5:disqus  the zombies are not stupid you obviously haven’t been watching the show because they were turning doorknobs and crap and smashing the doors at the mall in episode 2 with rocks. like wow. and one marine killing all those zombies is not liable at all. resources are low, the end is here. When the world stops mass production stops. Fuel will run out, guns, bullets will run out, theres no production. When its all gone, its GONE. What will you do, fight them with melee weapons forever? Plus at times like this when people are afraid of the unknown shit happens, they freak, they lose sense and morality (some i suppose). the marines killed innocent ppl cuz they were afraid too. they are after all human -_-  and its world wide, Good Luck cleaning the world

  23. Afd

    how about when they were droping napalm in the streets of atlanta? wouldn’t that have killed off all of the zombies?

  24. Judy0786_46

    refreshing like the new show !!!!

  25. Gozza232

    @cb9501d4f3d5d0fb27d051d44594a9a5:disqus  visit allucDOTorg all the links are on there

  26. will graham

    when does season 2 cum out on netflix?????

  27. Larttro

    Picture ower

  28. Kaylea

    when can I but the season on DVD??

  29. Jerry43

    I bet you shane shaved his head cause someone saw him kill otis, I bet you.

  30. Deuel Martinez

    When does the first half of the season 2 come out on bluray or DVD?

  31. twyla

    Kiekman has said it will be a fall/october release with all 13 episodes on it, have a look at the soecial edition zombie bust, effing awsome, had some bad news that resident evil o.r.c. special edition will only be released in America, BOOO Capcom!

  32. twyla

    Type your comment here.kirkman

  33. Kerplunk

    I’m very confused, On my XBOX I have bought and Downloaded the entire 2nd Season, Even if I didn’t I can see (Starting with episode 4 I think, “ON Demand”). If you haven’t seen any of season 2, I’ve only seen the first 2 episodes of season 2, I can’t wait till I see the third episode, however, I have a 3 hour class to go attend first  :-(

    I don’t get this, their talking about the second season like it’s a secret, I’m not going to put out any spoilers, I would have preffered a physical copy, but I have all the episodes in High Def. which I watch on my TV exactly the same way as if I had a physical copy. So why haven’t they released a DVD?

    • Kerplunk

      (edit)Maybe it isn’t the full season, I assumed that the 9 episodes I got where the whole thing, the first episode of the second, just like the first season, is longer

  34. Kerplunk

    Why does it say February 26, 2012 and there are comments from 9 months ago??

  35. marcie oller

    I really hope this show never end but if ppl keep dieing there wont be anymore 

  36. Marcieoller

    I really hope this show never ends but if ppl keep killing not walkers there wont be anymore and I think it really sucks that  Jon Bernthal who is Shane Walsh is no longer going to be in the show you are the best one in there.

    • Lorenzosamuel1

      i agree , he was like the twisted crazo who did alot for them. but at the same time he added alot of suspense. rip shane. will miss you for the rest of the seasons.

  37. J_me28

    Why will it take so long for the walking dead season 2 to come out on dvd????? Grrr….

  38. phazes

    so season 2 has been done for a few weeks now. ok, now i have to wait till oct..? wft

  39. Armyjessica05

    I just purchased all of The Walking Dead Season 2 on Instant Videos on my Playstation. It has 13 episodes

  40. Alejandroramirez88

    do you guys know when the new episode gonna come out? it hasn’t come  out for at least two or three weeks i thinks…. it really sucks

  41. The season is over. Season 3 won’t be back til October most likely. I’m confused about the release date of this as well. The article speaks as if the 2nd season hasn’t aired yet. It’s also peculiar that Amazon has the entire 2nd season available, but you can’t buy a physical copy. 

  42. Tbw227


    Why must we always wait to see the good stuff????


    AMC KICK A$#

  43. Washburn

    where is the RELEASE DATE as promised by your title you fucking cunt?
    misleading bullshit for hits, fuck you




    Can’t wait to add to my collection

  46. Maiik

    Would like to see new people join the cast, get off that stupid farm and go to the city and neighborhoods, more zombies,more running ,more shady people like that guy in the bar who arrived when Rick and glen found hershel
    Sobbing and drinking. I want more blood and guts and fear but a happy ending.

  47. Hannah_metz_92

    My boyfriend is HUGE into this show and he is VERY excited for season 2 to say the least. Hopefully I will be able to get the season 2 today.
     I am not very big into the whole zombie thing because i scare VERY easily. But I watch it for him. So who knows, maybe this season will be better than the first season. :)

  48. Ken Greenman

    This sucks, I was hoping to watch season 2 again during the summer, damn u robert, hope it comes in september at least >:(

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