Zeus.  Care allowance for retirees.  They will receive more than 300 Polish zlotys

Career allowance is a benefit given to retirees regardless of their age. It is easier to get for seniors over the age of 75. However, for ZUS to pay the money, one condition must be met. As of March 1, the care allowance amounts to PLN 324.39.

What conditions must retirees meet to obtain care allowance?

Social security Pay Care serviceWhen the senior appears Inability or limitation of independent existence. This is enough to get the allowance and that Regardless of age. The most important step is to submit an application to ZUS for payment of welfare benefits. This must be done by everyone, except people over 75 years of age. They receive this money compulsorily.

According to the provisions of the law of December 17, 1998 regarding care allowance, it exists Two conditions, One of them must be met to get the money:

  • more than 75 years,
  • Inability to work or live independently

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All persons eligible for care allowance under The second conditionThey must submit an appropriate application to ZUS and attach it OL-9 health certificate indicating inability to work and live independently. In addition, they must have the right to receive a pension.

When may ZUS not pay welfare benefits?

It sometimes happens that ZUS – even though the beneficiary fulfills the conditions – does not pay him the money. This is the case when A person entitled to care services stays in the care and treatment center for more than two weeks per month.

How much is care allowance?

Welfare benefits are paid by ZUS together with a pension or pension. Its rise from March 1 of this year It is 324.39 Polish zloty. The allowance is also subject to annual payment Valuation The same as pensions and annuities.

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