commerce.  Will Silbo enter Poland?  This is one of the largest grocery store chains in Ukraine

The Silpo chain is known for opening unusual “themed” stores. Facilities in the style of shadow theater, steampunk, space or circus have already been launched – We read on the news portal

Will the chain store come to Poland after the Ukrainians?

The portal states that the market and strong financial position made the supermarket chain operator look for investment opportunities and partnerships in western markets. Fozzy Group, the owner of the brand, is interested in entering the markets of Central and Southern Europe. So Poland is of interest.

Not only geographical and cultural proximity helps our market entry, but also The fact that many of the clients of this series have moved to the Vistula River. Some of them fled the war, and others settled in our country even before the Russian aggression.

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However, states that the retail chain will be in talks with representatives from several European countries. The site mentions Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Romania and Bulgaria. The final decision on the direction of development has not yet been madeAlthough Poland seems like a normal destination.

The findings of the journalists show that the group may be discouraged by the lack of good space for future stores in our country. Therefore, if the network will eventually enter our country, leasing sites, as well as acquiring networks that operate in the appropriate format, or purchasing some sites from companies operating here may be an option.

Grid confirms interest

The portal asked the store chain operator questions, for example, whether it intends to open in Poland, and if so, when. But the company did not respond definitively Certain interest in our market And cooperation with companies located here.

in recent months In 2008, the Silpo chain of stores began to explore the Polish retail market. Prior to Russia’s all-out invasion, we studied best practices in grocery retailing in the United States, United Kingdom, China, Spain, France, and other European Union countries. And we continue to do so in Poland – explains the Silpo sales office, quoted in

Silpo is a chain of grocery supermarkets owned by the Fozzy Group. At the end of 2021, the group had more than 330 outlets under this banner. In 2020, the retail network’s revenue is approximately UAH 50 billion.

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