Many owners of photovoltaic installations eagerly follow the weather forecast. What catches their attention is not the sunlight, but the warnings about the danger of hail. However, it turns out that there is a way to protect photovoltaic panels from the cold.

Climate disaster Makes extreme weather events occur more and more, a Their path became more and more violent. This also applies to hail storms, where hailstones are classified as “very large.”

how Provided by Świat OZE websiteAccording to the US Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP), a serious threat to photovoltaic panels is hailstones with a diameter exceeding 44 mm. Independent tests indicate that panel damage occurs even with hailstones as small as 30 mm in diameter.

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Although the world record for hailstone size, up to 19cm, was set in Italy, plate-threatening hailstones also occur in Poland – where, among other things, 5cm ice balls fell from the sky this year . In Małopolska.

Photovoltaic panels and cold

The answer to this problem is the solution called NX Horizon Hail Pro, developed by the American company Nextracker. This is a development of the previous NX Horizon system, whose mission is to make energy production by photovoltaic panels independent of them. Weather conditions.

In practical terms, this means that NX Horizon can autonomously, based on weather data, Change the angle of inclination of the panels. A solution that maximizes energy production also proves useful in the case of protection from the cold.

When large blocks of ice are threatened, the NX Horizon Hail Pro can do just that Set the boards at too wide an angleIt reaches 70 degrees relative to the ground. This radically reduces the surface exposed to the effects of hail and – by tilting the panels – reduces the destructive force of the potential impact.

System It can work completely automaticallyOr adjust the angle of the panels according to weather reports or respond to commands issued by the person managing the installation.

Lukasz Michalek, journalist at Gadżetomania

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