January 28, 2023


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Here's what to expect from Wednesday's MPC meeting.  A major decision for borrowers

Here’s what to expect from Wednesday’s MPC meeting. A major decision for borrowers

  • The market is currently assuming a maximum of one or two increments of 0.25 pips. Percentage each in the next two meetings of the Monetary Policy Council
  • The closest one might already be on Wednesday, September 7
  • The expert notes that the current WIBOR prices confirm such a scenario
  • In his opinion, the recently observed weakness of the economy indicates that the size and number of price increases will not be significant, and it can even be expected that in the near term it will be necessary to reduce rates.
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Market consensus is assumed One, maximum two hikes at the September-October meeting of 25 basis points (by 0.25 percentage point – ed.), which seems justified based on the available data on the state of the market, and may inspire optimism for people preparing to apply for a mortgage in the coming months – says Jacob Adam, credit expert Lendi, in agreement with these expectations.

– If WIBOR is less than the deposit rate, it will be profitable for banks to deposit money with the Central Bank (you will earn more than by lending to other banks). On the other hand, if WIBOR is above the Lombard rate, it will be more profitable to borrow money from the central bank than other banks in the market. And then, of course, WIBOR has to be at a level between the two interest rates, he explains.