Guhn Twei Censored: Criticizing Horn Foundry Doesn't Work!

Simon Turcotte Kuhn is one of the founders of the metal group Twee. For him, music is a means of self-expression. His words scream loudly and destroy his anger for life, but also his anger against the unfairness of the situation.

“I had five cancers. That's why I lost my leg,” he explained into Sophie Durocher's microphone on QUB.

Could living five minutes from the chimneys of the Horn Foundry play a role in his illness? Did working in this factory make a difference? Although unwilling to throw the stone directly into the foundry, he is full of questions. And he unleashes his frustration on stage. But it won't be at Alienfest this year.

The lyrics of his songs did not please one of the organisers. The man works for Metal Marquis, which handles the foundry. According to him, singing on stage words like “Ecosite's apology / collective mask / profit is more valuable than our lives” will not work.

Organizer Mr. The email to Thurcott is clear: “We are one of the foundry's suppliers and this is where it gets sensitive. I have a complete conflict of interest and that doesn't work with my management team.

It was with these words that Mr. Thurcott was informed that his team was not performing this year. Eventually, even the festival was cancelled. The foundry says it was never involved in the decision.

The Métal Marquis company responded late Wednesday afternoon, promising that it “never recommended or participated in the decisions surrounding the cancellation of the festival and the performances.”

“Neither Horn Foundry nor Glencore Metal exerted any pressure on Marquis and the organization of the festival,” the company added.

However, Mr. In Thurgott's view, “this shows that there is an atmosphere of fear in criticizing the horn foundry.”

“The great loss is freedom of expression,” concluded Sophie Durocher.

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