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“The Sanatorium of Love” is the second, after the program “Farmer looking for a wife”, which was shown on TVP. The next version will likely air in early 2022. But it’s being recorded now. It is already known that something unusual will happen in him.

W ” love clinic “Retirees, who often have difficult experiences behind them, are looking for partners for the rest of their lives. Age does not mean that they do not have a life partner. passion – exactly the contrary. They are still energetic, open minded, love to have fun, and most of all, they want friendship and love.

The casting for the fourth popular season took place during the summer vacation TVP . Show which is now registered. It is already known that he will be different from the others.

– I thought after three seasons that ” love clinic “I know everything, or actually I know all about old people and nothing would surprise me. We went to the set of the fourth season and everything turned out to be surprising. In the concept of ‘everything’ I mean the participants who came out to be very brave and ran many of the activities that we proposed “On them. They were very focused on getting to know each other. We’ll be able to see the results of that learning,” Katarzina Kaweca, program director, told Super Express.

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