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Disney + entered Poland with great fanfare and immediately became one of the Broadcasting platforms are often chosen by Poles. The show includes productions from Marvel, Disney, Pixar, National Geographic, 20th Century Studios, FX, and Searchlight. In one place you can watch series, movies and programs that were not available in our country until now.

The Disney+ holiday show includes plenty of new stories that will captivate every fan of good cinema. We have a list of titles of new platforms for you, among which everyone should find something for themselves. You can find more on DISNEY + WEBSITE.

What’s new in Disney+ over the holidays?

“The Princess” – original movie

A beautiful, stubborn young aristocrat refuses to marry the ruthless sociopath she addresses, resulting in her father’s mansion being hijacked and locked in a remote tower. He feels the puff of his vengeful rival who wants to take his father’s throne on the back of his neck, The princess must protect her family and save the kingdom at all costs.

“Has anyone seen this guy?” – original documentary series

John Ruffo, a Brooklyn-based computer salesman, about the appearance and attractiveness of George Costanza, pleaded guilty in 1998 to a complex fraud case and was to report to 17 years in federal prison. However, shortly after turning on the electronic monitoring bracelet, he stopped at an ATM, drove the rental car to JFK and went missing. In a state full of crazy twists, we hear about his abandoned wife and daughter, learn about his secret job supporting the FBI to recruit Russian spies, and follow rumors of hidden links to the mafia.

“Santa Evita” – the original series, premiering July 26

A string of internationally acclaimed actors headed by Natalia Oreiro and produced by Salma Hayek Pinault. The production is based on the bestselling book of the same title by Argentine writer Tomas Eloy Martinez and follows the impressive story of Eva Perón’s embalmed body, which, after her death in 1952, remained unburied for three years waiting never to be built. Complete mausoleum. When the 1955 coup in Argentina overthrew President Juan Domingo Perón, Evita’s body has been hidden for 19 yearsSo as not to become a symbol of the system.

Not Well – Original Movie, premiering July 29

The film follows Danny Sanders, an aspiring writer who has no purpose in life, no friends, no romantic views and – worst of all – no online followers. Danny decided to showcase a trip to Paris on Instagram in hopes of increasing his reach on social media. When a horrific incident occurs in the City of Lights, Danny finds herself embroiled in a lie bigger than she expected. She returns as a heroine who manages to befriend Rowan, a social activist who is saved from a school shootout, and conquers the man of her dreams, Coleen. As an influencer and activist, Danny is finally enjoying the life and audience she always dreamed of. But it’s only a matter of time before the facade cracks doing so He will painfully discover that the Internet loves humiliation.

What series, movies, and shows are available on Disney+?

If you are still wondering Is it worth investing in a Disney + subscriptionLet us remind you – apart from the news that appears on the platform more than every week, you will find more than 800 films and 100 series there. There are also 150 Disney+ originals in the library. Subscribers have access to this series Such as The Book of Boba Fett and The Mandalorian for producer and writer Jon Favreau. In addition, they can watch “Moon Knight”, a Marvel Studios series starring Oscar Isaac as Stephen Grant, a quiet and polite convenience store employee plagued by memories from another life, and the Academy Award-nominated movie “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” with Simo Liu and Awkwafina. The platform also includes Disney and Pixar productions. In addition, subscribers can spend time with several Disney and Pixar titlesIncluding Academy Award nominee Luca (Disney/Pixar) and Academy Award winner Encanto (Walt Disney Animation Studio), Cruelli starring Emma Stone as Cruella de Mon. They also have access to premium products. Perfect examples are the series “The Simpsons” or “Grey’s Anatomy: The Surgeons”.

How much is Disney+?

We will pay PLN 28.99 for monthly access to the Disney+ streaming service in Poland. However, if you want to save, the website offers an annual subscription of PLN 289.99. This will save PLN 57.89, which translates to two free months each year. Click here to view the full service offer!

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