March 26, 2023


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Netflix and 20 Reasons Why People Don’t Review Their News

Netflix Library Update Makes it clear that you’d better spend the day with him HBO Max or Amazon Prime Videowhich has recently added more interesting products to its catalog. Today, a total of 20 new products have appeared on Netflix, but to be honest, it is difficult to choose at least one among them that is actually worth watching. Of course, you can “choose” something, but these are not titles that you can throw everything for and watch Netflix. So let’s check what has been added to the platform.

Netflix library update – 20 new titles on the platform

yesterday in Netflix hit action comedy Nieobliczalni 2, which can be considered a great success, because qualitatively it will outperform practically everything that we can find new in the catalog today. Although There are exactly 20 new products on Netflix, choosing who will connect us to the screen will be quite a challenge. Before we check what each title means, let’s take a look at the list of each.

  • Haunting in Rectory [+ napisy]
  • easy lessons [+ napisy]
  • Experiment 12 [+ napisy]
  • Elon Musk: The Real Life Iron Man [+ napisy]
  • I’m in love with my car [+ napisy]
  • Meanwhile on the ground [+ napisy]
  • pirate hunting [+ napisy]
  • bye africa [+ napisy]
  • stop filming us [+ napisy]
  • Reflections [+ napisy]
  • robert doll [+ napisy]
  • Själö: Island of Souls [+ napisy]
  • Aykut’s son-in-law 2 [+ napisy]
  • dancer [+ napisy]
  • Amityville Theater [+ napisy]
  • The last house in Lin . Cemetery [+ napisy]
  • theater of fear [+ napisy]
  • Witch Valley [+ napisy]
  • The wood industry: work against nature [+ napisy]
  • You won’t have to hate me [+ napisy]
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Interesting documents and lousy horrors on Netflix

Perhaps many addresses cannot be learned, because they may be the only acquaintances bye africa. However, this is not a 1985 film directed by Sidney Pollack, but a documentary about two elderly women, one of whom is preparing to return from Africa to Finland. Of course, it may be interesting for fans of documentaries, but the production is unlikely to reach a large audience. Anyway, there are more documentaries in today’s update, among them easy lessonAnd I’m in love with my car if Meanwhile on the ground. The latter might be interesting as it pertains to employees in… the funeral industry. It is also worth paying attention to Själö: Island of Souls, that is, a document about an abandoned hospital and the surrounding area, which is hiding various secrets. However, when it comes to movies that have appeared on Netflix, choosing something interesting will be a problem.

The first title on the list is Haunting in Rectory (IMDB 3.1), a horror movie about a couple who move into a strange building and encounter horrific things. Class B cinema classics, the same can be said about robert doll (IMDB 3.1), the story of a family who owns a killer doll. They are almost on the same level Amityville Theater (IMDB 1.8), The last house in Lin . Cemetery (IMDB 3,4), theater of fear (IMDB 3.5) or Witch Valley (IMDB 4.1). We also have a Spanish thriller Experiment 12 or turkish comedy Aykut’s son-in-law 2. So you can see that for people who are looking for normal but high standard entertainment, Netflix may not offer much. To summarize – Documents is a plus, and you can forget about the rest.

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source: Upflix