February 4, 2023


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Mission: Impossible 8 – Marcin Dorochinsky in the movie? This photo is a new guide

Attention! This content is a rumour, or it may prove the truth but is not necessary.

All signs point to that Marcin Doroczynski In the movie crew Mission: Impossible 8. We reported it twice previously, based on perfectly reliable leads. One of them is only repeating itself, because it is related to the director and screenwriter’s activity on social media Christopher Macquarie.

Mission: Impossible 8 – Marcin Dorochinsky in the movie

McQuarrie is not active on social media. On his Twitter, only from time to time you change the title picture into frames from your videos. Yes we have first ideaWhen in May 2022 he posted a photo with a Polish actor, we also got another photo, because he posted a new photo with Dorociński.

no thingPhoto: screenshot from Twitter

We had another lead in June, when an actor confirmed from a photo that Marcin Dorociński had posted on social media that he had taken part in the show. Mission: Impossible 8. You can read more over here.

At the moment, no one is confirming or denying Marcin Dorociński’s involvement, but considering the metaphors, there are many indications that we have a Polish accent in one of the most popular franchises currently being created in Hollywood. We are waiting for the official confirmation of the reports.

Mission: Impossible Dead Account – Part Two – Premiere in 2023. Work on the set is still ongoing.

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