Will the 2013 hit get a live-action remake?  Disney is bringing back its masterpieces

This time, Disney may want to release Frozen again, but in a live-action version. For all the fans of the series to expect the cast to be in such situations is sure to be good entertainment. There are types that will actually be very good.

“Frozen” is undoubtedly one of Disney’s greatest achievements. What would happen if this fantasy land moved from the world of animation to live-action screens? The company ignites the imagination of its fans, not only raising the bar in the field of animation, but also updating and revamping its iconic titles.

Live “frozen” version.

After the recent announcement of a “Snow White” remake starring Rachel Ziegler, Disney has surprised once again.

This time the goal isIce land“, the film that won the hearts of not only children, but also adults all over the world, including Poland.

Is Disney, inspired by Netflix’s success of One Piece, planning its own live-action version of the popular film?

Although there are no details, fans are already scratching their heads Who will play their favorite characters. This is a great opportunity for them to speculate and have fun predicting the cast.

There are also concerns about this Disney Under social pressure, he was able to give the film a “political” tone. However, fans seem to agree – They want to see a movie that stays true to the original.

What is worth emphasizing, sisters Elsa and Anna already had their acting roles in the TV series “Once Upon a Time.”Where they played it Georgina Haig and Elizabeth Lyell.

A portion of the online community clings to these actresses, believing that they perfectly reproduced their animated counterparts. Others have their own choices and suggest different names.

Who can play Elsa and Anna?

Although official information about the film is scarce, rumors and speculation still exist. Information about its creation comes from DisInsider magazine.

In the context of the role Elsiea singer who joins the list of potential candidates perrie edwards, Brittany Snow Also known from the “Pitch Perfect” series Anya Taylor JoyWhich we can admire in the “chessboard of fate.”

when it comes to Ithe online community is betting here Anna Kendrickknown from the films “Twilight” and “Pitch Perfect”, and Sadie Sink, which fans may associate with Stranger Things. What about Kristoff? It seems like he could be the perfect candidate for this role Jonathan Groff From “Mindhunter”.

Source: YouTube Disney Poland

We can’t forget that the original “Frozen” from 2013 is very popular – an average rating 7.5 stars Based on over 264,000 votes, this is a result that cannot be taken into account when creating a new version.

We are all eagerly awaiting the official information. Disney now has the opportunity to offer us exciting surprises and unique emotions.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the entertainment giant will once again make history in cinema by offering ‘Frozen’ fans something special.


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