"Passive", a journey between dream and reality.  What do we know about the movie?

“Negatyw” is a feature film directed by Robert Wichrowski, based on the book “The Island” by Dmitry Strelnikov. Tomorrow, June 17, the film will be shown in cinemas throughout Poland. To date, “Negatyw” is the only European feature film to have qualified for the main competition at the FECIP Portoviejo Film Festival. The production also qualified for a competition from Poland at the 20th TOFIFEST International Film Festival in Toruń. Below we provide more information about the movie.

"negative": movie poster“Negatyw”: movie poster – press materials

Carol Webber is the protagonist of the novel “Negatyw”. He was born in the mid-seventies of the last century, as a boy, he lived with his parents in a small town. was his passion Photography.

Filip Kosior and Julian Wichrowski in the movie "negative"Philip Kosior and Julian Wichrowski in the movie “Negatyw” – press materials

We meet him in the most important moments of his life – at the age of seven, when his mother left him, at the age of 18, when he is living his first love, and now at the age of 47, when he is celebrating his 25th anniversary as a photojournalist. After the exhibition, he learned of his father’s death. Carol goes on a trip to bury him. The night train ride is full of surprises that border on reality and sleep. Carol meets characters from the past – his mother, his father, Alina, his first love, and Adam, the friend who betrayed him. What you remember will turn out to be different from what actually happened.

Wojciech Chorąży and Anita Jancia in the movie "negative"Wojciech Chorąży and Anita Jancia in the movie “Negatyw” – Press materials

The photos were taken in Bydgoszcz and in the open air of the Kuyavian Pomeranian province.

The film stars: Michel Jadomsky, Anita Jancia, Wojciech Chori, Guaita Choazek, David Ciopedro, Piotr Jadomsky, Anna Proschniak, Julian Wichrowski, Philip Kosior.

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