Gas stoves will be banned in Europe

10/20/2023 06:18
– to update 10/21/2023 20:03

Gas stoves will be banned in Europe – Traditional stoves will become a thing of the past, it is only a matter of time. Cooking takes a lot of time, consumes a lot of energy, and pollutes the atmosphere. We must prepare for a new era, where we must bring all cooking appliances in EU homes to new standards. In practice, this means that they will have to be replaced.
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Gas stoves will be banned in Europe

This change will affect all our daily habits, which will of course entail additional costs for each family. Gas stoves generate pollution and are dangerous. Read: No more refrigerators and air conditioners. We will all have to adapt

The situation is different with induction stoves. Thanks to the new system, there is no risk of fire, eliminating the risk of extinguishing the flame and the risk of explosion. Moreover, if we forget to turn off the induction hob, it will turn off on its own after a few seconds if there is no contact with the pot.

The replacement process will be gradual

as in forced modernization of residential buildings, The process of replacing stoves can take several years. Although official guidelines have not yet been provided, More and more Europeans are abandoning gas subscriptions in favor of using induction stoves.
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The induction stove is a kitchen appliancewhich he uses Electromagnetic phenomena To generate heat in dishes. It works by passing an electrical current through a coil beneath the surface of the glass, creating an electromagnetic field. A pot placed on the stove, made of a special material, generates a current at its bottom, generating heat. The burners on an induction stove heat up quickly, resulting in faster cooking and lower energy consumption. Thanks to this mechanism, the burners of the induction stove heat up very quickly. As a result, energy consumption is lower.

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The United States bans the use of gas stoves. according to com. businessonlineNew York is the first US state to agree to ban the installation of traditional stoves starting in 2026.
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In the EU, there is no commitment to replace conventional hobs with induction hobs yet, but it is expected that this will be introduced in the near future. Let us remind you that in order to protect the environment, from January 1, 2024, conventional gas stoves will be banned throughout the European Union. After the transition period, they will have to be replaced with heat pumps or a heating system using renewable energy. Source:,

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