Jadwiga Barransca refused treatment.  Terrible news from the home of the “Nights and Days” star

Jadwiga Baranska She gained immense popularity thanks to the role of Barbara Niechcic in the movie “Nights and Days”. But a few years ago, the actress completely withdrew from public life.

The reason was primarily health problems. The star’s condition began to deteriorate, and since a while more problems have appeared.

The devastated husband talked about everything Jersey Antzack. A few weeks ago, doctors diagnosed his wife with corneal disease in her left eye. The condition is serious, as the star is at risk of losing her sight completely, as the disease has already attacked the other eye.

This diagnosis completely nailed Barańska:

“Jadzia is not hysterical,” Antzak wrote, “but she told me, ‘Life without sight is meaningless. You’d better leave.”

It turns out that this was just the beginning of the problems. The actress was taken to hospital and is in serious condition, as she collapsed at home and lost consciousness.

“Suddenly, a tragic situation occurred. Jadwiga fell with the front of her body on the stones and lost consciousness. An ambulance was called. X-rays were taken in the hospital, and it was found that one of the vertebrae was injured.” It deviated slightly, and in addition to that there was an incision in the right hip, and if it was found that the displacement of the vertebra is possible, due to her age (88 years), then no surgery can be performed on the hip and you have to wait for spontaneous fusion, “which may take several months of rest in Bedding. My son, Mikołaj, bought a wheelchair, and we had to first take Jadzia to the door of the car and then put her on the seat. The whole procedure was very humiliating, difficult and painful. In addition, the sight of Jadzia in a wheelchair evoked dark associations with Barbara Szymszel who was on Wheelchair! Mikowai and I were terrified of what would happen next. Then it got worse. The hip fracture caused partial paralysis of the right leg and the constant pains are overcome by forceful means,” Antzack reports.

Unfortunately, after returning home “very unpleasant days followed”. The wife withdrew into herself and “lay motionless on the bed for hours on end with her eyes closed.”

The worst part is that she also refused to take her medication and doesn’t want to hear about her going back to the hospital. And at some point, terrible and touching words came out of her mouth:

“The worst decision was her refusal to go to the hospital for an x-ray and to determine the final cause of a hip fracture and partial paralysis of the right leg. To the pleas of Mikolaj and I, she answered unexpectedly: ‘Don’t do it.’ Shorter, only as far as God commands!” – we read in Antzach’s entry.

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